Sadler Graham, you are 6 months old!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Half a year old already? How can that be!?
6 months has been a huge turning point for you Sadler, you are becoming more and more content with each passing  month! Although you haven’t been the easiest baby we love you to pieces and never wish a day away, you are growing WAY too fast!
You started sitting up a few weeks ago, which happens to be my favorite baby stage; independent but not yet mobile! You however, Sadler, have only allowed us to enjoy that stage for a mere week or two as you’ve already begun to get on all fours and attempt to crawl! Let’s hope you’re a couple months away from actually moving though!
You eat 5-6 oz every 3-4 hours and have cereal twice a day, and just today you tried baby food for the first time! Mommy made you avocado and you weren’t such a fan!
You wear 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
You have your pedi appointment in a couple weeks yet so we’ll see then how much you’ve grown!
You’re night time sleeping could seek improvement but you’re naps are pretty good :)
You love you’re ducky tub, you splash like crazy!

You are just precious Sadler! I think you get about 100 kisses a day, we couldn’t adore you more!
Love you Boo!

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6 Responses to “ Sadler Graham, you are 6 months old!! ”

shellycoulter said...

He is so cute! Love that last shot of them...aren't two boys the best?! :)

Ashley said...

SO sweet! You have beautiful babies! :)

Kate said...

Happy 6 months Sadler! What a cutie-puh-tootie! Absolutely adorable pics! H and I both agree that we'd like to have two boys and a girl, but I joke and tell him we're going to end up having all girls and he looks like he's been stunned and his eyes bug out. We'll just have to wait and see what God wants for us.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, he is the cutest!! I can see why you adore him!

Kirsten: said...

He is so handsome! Both your boys are!

Lori said...

Oh he just gets cuter!!! We also have the ducky tub and LOVE IT!!