3rd trip to the ER this week

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

this morning i woke up with more joint pain, this time in my left knee as well. I should have been popping my pain meds around the clock but I had just been taking them as needed, needless to say today I’ve been doing better at watching the clock and keeping up on it so far today.

I needed to get some blood work done at the lab before 9am so Robb called my mom to come help with the boys and take me to the lab and he headed to work. I was so slow in getting around by 8 I knew i wouldn’t make it the lab in time so we’ll try again tomorrow. So my mom just decided to take the boys home with her for a little while so I could rest and relax my crippled body :/

We were getting things together when Sadler took a nasty spill and hit his head on the corner of our baseboards. Blood was everywhere and the cut looked pretty deep. I thought right away he would need stitches! My mom called Robb and he came home and we were off to the emergency department for the 3rd time this week!

turn away now if you’re squimish

pre-stitches picture


this ipod picture doesn’t do it justice, this baby was deep, the doctor said he saw the bone!

so he needed 2 stitches, poor baby was a trooper but it was rough! Sadler is a very strong boy so it was difficult to hold him still while he was stitched up!

Seriously! What a week!

At 2:30 Robb and I had to take Sadler back to his pediatrician for a check up on his broncholitis. He is doing much better and is done with his steroid meds and we just need to give him his nebulizer as needed!

(pics from last night)



it cracks me up to watch him so dazed and chill during his treatments!


He’ll get his stitches out on Saturday!

thanks so much for your sweet comments, prayers and words of encouragement; they mean a lot to me! February is a hard month for us; in more ways than one!

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12 Responses to “ 3rd trip to the ER this week ”

Katie said...

Poor little guy!

Get some rest and keep up on those meds.

Victoria said...

Wow, you guys have had a rough couple of days lately :( I hope things get better!

Lisa said...

Poor baby!!

Nessa said...

Aw poor wee Sadler *hugs to you both*

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Katie - oh my goodness, when it rains it POURS! I hope this string of crazy hospital trips and mishaps is O-V-E-R. Poor Sadler, that sucker looks pretty deep. I have never had even one stitch in my life so Sadler is a brave little boy :)

Praying for you all to have some peace and no more ER trips!

bri said...

Oh my word. I can tell you this, all of our boys have had the gash in the forehead! One happened on our trip to KY when we were staying over in TN! We were far away from home and didn't know of ANY hospitals nearby. Moe fell off the bed at the hotel and hit his head on the corner of the nightstand. I could see the bone too and I was a bit overwhelmed but kept cool so as not to scare him! haha that was hard! I just pressed a damp rag onto it and applied lots of pressure then we put butterfly bandages on it with bandaids. Healed in about a week. haha... those are scary moments!

Praying your little guy is doing better! He is SUCH A DOLL!!! Praying for your pains to subside and for complete healing!

Allie said...

Poor kiddo! Hope you and him heal quickly. My son has always been chill for treatments. He still gets them regularly and does fine even at 2 years old! So thankful!

Jody said...

My goodness! What a week for your family. I hope everyone heals up quickly. My kiddo split his forehead open like that last summer. Not a fun experience trying to hold him down and keep him calm for stitches. But Sadler sure looks like a little trooper. :)

Andrea said...

Lifting you up in prayer, as it's difficult to have all theses things mounting at once. My heart will be with yours in the days leading to Brenam's angelversary. It does get a little easier with time and continued FAITH and earthly children, but there is always that hole in the heart that will never be full.

On a happy note, I'm so happy Sadler Graham is responding so well to his bronchial treatments and is on the mend with his boo boo. Big hugs to you and I pray that you'll be back to your super woman self very shortly ;) As always, I admire your resilience!


Brandy said...

Just wanted to say I'm praying for you guys! Hope you are feeling better soon and that there is NO more need for the ER this week, or for many more weeks(or years for that matter:)
Take Care and God Bless!

Elma said...

Oh I am so sorry for such a hard week. Praying you all feel better soon!!!

K said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I hope this week is a little less exciting. Hope you guys are feeling better!