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Monday, February 20, 2012

~all  is well again in the lubbers house, i’m feeling 100% better, Gray is back to his normal self and Sadler got his stitches out on Saturday. His head looks like it will heal up nicely!


it was “too bright” for him at Steak and Shake Friday afternoon :)


Robb remained healthy and incident free the whole time! Lucky him and lucky us for taking such good care of his family!

~I never posted about Super Bowl, but we had a few friends over to watch the commercials game. We ordered Hungry Howies pizza, which is my fave b/c of the flavored crust, its the only pizza crust I eat. So needless to say the Hungry Howie’s commercial was my fave!


I saw this on pinterest and made it for the party, the goal post things kept flopping over but at least I got a pic!



this little football fan and his big bro went to grandma and grandpa’s house to watch the game :)

~we didn’t do much for valentine’s day, other than bring sadler to the er :) i didnt’ need flowers or chocolate, a couple sweet friends of mine sent some to the hospital for me! Maybe Robb and I will have to plan a date for this weekend instead!


~yesterday we went to my niece, makenna’s first birthday party! Such a sweetie (who will be a big sister in August)!!


~today i went to the hand doctor and finally got my splint off after 6 weeks, my finger is nice and straight again! I have to wear the splint part time for a few more weeks but thankfully surgery is not needed!! Hooray!


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3 Responses to “ catching up ”

Lori said...

I am so happy to hear that you are all feeling better! I must have been totally behind, because I had some catch up reading to do here! WOW you have had a rough month!!! Hope things keep getting better from here on out! ;)

The Morrows said...

The superbowl dip tray is so cute!! Great idea. Also love your little boys football legs.

Jacki said...

Great update Katie! So glad you didn't need surgery!!! Take care!