Still Sick

Monday, February 13, 2012

So where did i leave off?

Robb was home with the boys mostly b/c they were still sick and we didn’t want anyone else to watch them and get anyone else sick like they did poor Grandma L :( This was a nasty bug!

So he would update me on them and I would update him on me throughout the day. By Saturday afternoon his diarrhea had only been getting worse and after talking to my nurses about his sickness it sounded like he could be getting dehydrated too (not urinating much, crying with no tears and dry mouth). So he dropped Sadler off my my parents and took Gray to his first ER visit. It was so hard not being there with them but Robb was a pro by now!


turned out he wasn’t quite to the point of needing fluids so the doc sent them back home with orders to drink more fluids.


I had been feeling pretty good up until the point Gray went to the ER, i wanted to be there for him SO bad.

Sunday morning I way kidney function was back to where it should be so i was discharged from the hospital with antibiotic meds and orders to take them twice a day to continue treating the infection. It was so good to be home, I slept for awhile when I got home and by the time I woke up I was wishing I was back in the hospital with pain control! My elbow and knee joints were screaming in pain! I had no idea what i did to my elbow or knee, couldn’t remember hurting them or anything, the only thing i could come up with was i was just REALLY sore from being in the hospital bed so much.

i spent the whole day and half the night trying to sleep it off. Finally at 2am Robb helped me hobble downstairs to sleep in the recliner, that helped a little but I had no idea how I was going to be able to take care of myself let alone the boys all day while Robb went back to work after being off weds-fri  last week to take care of us sickies. He called my mom and dropped the boys off and set me up with everything I would need next to my chair I was confined too.

After awhile I managed to drag myself upstairs to get a new roll of toilet paper and i grabbed the info from the doctor on the prescription i had filled. i read it and the first line said ‘this drug may raise the chance of tendons getting irritated and tearing. the chance is greater in people over 60, heart, KIDNEY or lung TRANSPLANT PATIENTS

BINGO! my new medicine was causing this! UGH! I skipped my upcoming does of that med and told robb right away; he got to work getting me a new medicine. The nurse prescribed me a different antibiotic and I'm already feeling a bit better! I wouldn’t have even been able to type this an hour ago. The doctor called me and also prescribed something for the pain and told me it may to a week to heal.

oh my goodness i sure hope this is the last of it, I'm so ready to have my healthy family back.

gray is doing better everyday and sadler is as well!

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11 Responses to “ Still Sick ”

Anonymous said...

I have no blog but I still have to tell you that I woke up in the night because I couldn't sleep and for some reason I thought of you and said a little prayer for your health. Sometimes we don't always know when others have prayed for us but I wanted to share this with you. :-) feel better soon.

LJFredricks said...

KATIE!! I am so sorry! Hopefully everyone will be better very soon! I can come and clean for a few hours if you would like some disinfecting done?

Jenn said...

Goodness girl! Have you not been through enough already?! Thinking of you and your family...lots of prayers!

Anonymous said...

I pray for you and your family to recover soon with good health.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I just saw these last two posts!! I am praying right now!! How awful.

Let this be the best years of my life... said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope he feels better! so sad seeing your kiddo sick!

Danyiel said...

Good to hear, I can't even imagine all that you have to think of and how many times a med might have those same warnings.

DianeTaylor said...

OMG Katie - your poor thing. Sorry i haven't been around to visit my fav blgs. I was stunned reading about how sick you all were. Here's hoping you are going to recover and be back on your feet very soon.

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day to you, Robb, Grayden and Sadler!


Andrea said...

OH NO! bless your heart, I feel awful that you have been sick and in the hospital. And your poor boys...just terrible. I hope that all of you are on the mend and will send up prayers of healing. Hang in there mama, you are one Super Woman if I ever met one!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! You all have been through the it all!!! Praying for all the sickness to leave your whole house and that everyone starts to feel better soon. Take care!!!