insta friday

Friday, August 3, 2012


daddy’s helpers digging up a big rock


choc chip frappe, a treat to myself for 15lbs lost (it was worth every sip!)


splash park fun with drew


picking berries




future Olympians :)


fun at grandpa’s new business open house



gray loves his work books, as long as i leave him alone when he works!


have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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8 Responses to “ insta friday ”

Anonymous said...

could you tell us how you lost the 15lbs?

Carrie said...

You have so much fun! So cute! Where do you get his work books? Do you make them?

Jenna said...

You should definitely still be cool to your 3yo! How funny that he said that! And it's funny that you have to leave him alone with his workbooks... Jax refuses to do them without me. He always says I need to show him how to do them. Lol

Deb said...

Hi Kate! :)

Way to go on losing - that probably feels good! All that zumba paid off, nice.

I was also wondering about the work books for Grayden. I would love to hear more about them, they look great and something I should do for Leyton. Thanks! :)

-Lauren said...

Such a beautiful family!

Kate said...

I lost weight from exercise and changing eating habits! I've been using my fitness pal app to record calories too.

My sister Lisa made that workbook for Grayden for his birthday, it's all construction themed just like his party! So cute, I'll ask her where she found it all!

Bren said...

Katie, you have never looked like you needed to lose a single pound! (That's a compliment!) But I'm glad you are feeling good! :)

Elma said...

Congratulations on the 15 lbs!! Where is the splash park that you go to?