{Summer List} Update!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer sure is flying bye, I’m so glad we’ve made the most of this summer weather while we could!

We’ve checked off a few more things!

pick berries: we took a wagon ride down the street to pick some blueberries at a small local farm. we didn’t pick much but the boys had fun finding and eating the berries!






we went to timber town as a family a few weeks ago after we dropped of Grayden’s enrollment papers to his school




that place is so big and the boys wander off so fast, i was glad to have robb along for an extra set of eyes!


we got a new bike seat for sadler to ride in, but of course he prefers the trailer, at least Gray like it!
we’re hoping to do more bike riding as a family!

the boys don’t get to  play on the swing set and sand box quite as much as they’d like to because this happens:


I’m hoping in the next few years the sand throwing and kicking will stop and we can enjoy it a little more often!




they love playing restaurant by the counter, grayden is annoyed with me in this picture because I asked him for breadsticks and he said he only has pizza and broccoli at his restaurant! i bet business is booming for him!






*pick berries

*feed ducks

*Fillmore park

*outdoor discovery center

*kollen’s park

*timber town

*Lawrence st. park

*farmer’s market/ market kid’s activities

*whitecaps game

*downtown fountain


*coast guard festival (July 27-August 5) *missed the festival, maybe next year!

*hot air balloon show (June 30, July 1) * this was on our calendar but ended up being TOO HOT THAT WEEKEND!*

*truck parade (labor day) *not going to happen, made plans to go out of town that weekend!*

*memorial day parade

*have picnic


*water bed (Pinterest)

*run through sprinklers

*fly kite

*sidewalk chalk

*go garage sale-ing


*Meijer gardens

*library programs

*lemonade stand

*downtown street performers (thursday nights)

*play tennis

*go to cottage

*swimming lessons

*pool time

*bike ride

*mini golf

*soccer camp for Gray

*water table

*little pool

*sand box/swing set


*hike trails

*trip to sandy pines

we have plans for mini golf yet this summer (September) and one of these days I have to get some pictures of the boys playing sidewalk chalk! The lemonade stand  and hiking trails are other things we hope to do yet, other than that things left on the list may have to be put off till next summer!

I never intended to do ALL the items on the list but to use it more as a guide on things to do when we’re bored, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with all the fun we’ve had so far!

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3 Responses to “ {Summer List} Update! ”

Erin said...

Sorry, no breadsticks today :). Where do they come up with these things? The cuteness of these boys!

Elma said...

Love the pictures!! Sadler with sand in his hari is what happens here to:( Cute cute boys!!!

TanaLee Davis said...

You are one fun mama,
lots accomplished and two happy kids I am sure. Making memories they will remember for sure- Grayden that is. :)