weekend wrap up

Monday, August 27, 2012

we had a pretty low-key, relaxing weekend. I had a minor outpatient surgery on my foot Friday morning so we stayed home Friday night so I could rest. Robb made dinner and rented a movie for us. After we ate, the boys went out for ice cream with my parents while we watched the movie.

Saturday we met up with Gray’s birth dad for a visit at the park. We had lunch and then played for awhile, it was a really nice visit.


After the park, we went home and the boys went down for naps.

We had pizza by Robb’s parents house for a little get together while Robb’s uncle is in town from Arizona.



My sister in law and I in our matching boots!


Robb took the boys to church Sunday morning and we spent the afternoon at the cottage.

In the evening we headed to Robb’s Aunt and Uncle’s house for dinner.

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4 Responses to “ weekend wrap up ”

Jordyn said...

Wait, now does Grayden see just his birth father or his birth dad and his birth mom? What about Sadler?

Whitney said...

I have a matching boot too- just wish I could stand in mine!

Brandy said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Love hearing about your sweet fam and your fun weekends!

This may be too personal to share, but I am wondering if you could speak about what open adoption looks like for your family. I completley understand if you do not wish to disclose. However, my heart is for adoption, and wrestling through what that looks like for everyone involved(birth parents,adoptive parents, and children). What is your gospel perspective on the big picture of open adoption, and the day to day ties that bind you all together? How does Grayden process it all?

Thanks so much!