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Friday, January 18, 2013

Our week in phone pics

I'm absolutely LOVING my devotional book for this year, "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. 
Each day's devotion is short and sweet but packed full of great stuff. I've been keeping a notebook about what I'm reading each day, and its hard to not just rewrite the entire thing! SO good!
This day's devotion instantly made me think of adoption and our precious gifts from God.

We've been super into puzzles lately, dorky family fun!

they caught the puzzle fever too!

We had gorgeous weather last weekend, the boys enjoyed some time playing outside

Taco pie was a huge hit for Grayden, the sour cream however was not so much! Can't blame him!

Grayden is such a perfectionist, he insisted that his tracing was too squiggly, but I disagree!

momma forgot Sadler's beloved paci when we ran some errands on Wednesday, so he sucked his thumb instead, so sweet!

I received the first 2 blankets in the mail for "Brenham's Birthday Project". I am so touched each time a new one arrives on my doorstep. What an honor it is to be his mom!
I think I've replied to all the emails and comments so far in regards to sending a blanket, if you haven't received a reply, please try again!

Please tell me someone else's child has done this too?!

Throwback Thursday, sweet baby!

I also wanted to share this picture of Robb and I from a few weeks ago at our friends "Holiday Hoedown" Party. We had such a blast dressing in our Western gear and being with friends;

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

~Amanda~ said...

Love that devotional!! My husband and I spent last year reading Jesus Calling and decided to do it again. There is just SOOO much you can take from it. She also has one for preschoolers!

Amy said...

That was so precious, Sadler in the sink!! I can so relate....except I woke in the middle of the night to find my 2year old daughter's leg dangling from the top of fridge!! She was my busy child. Always on the go. Would wake in the middle of the night and venture into the unknown. (Examples include the fridge incident, finding her washing "dishes" in the bathroom sink, while standing on her stool, and stomping in the puddles in her footie jammies @5am.) And if she did stay asleep...she was a sleep walker or would have night terrors and scream while sound asleep. FUN!