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Monday, January 28, 2013

we had kind of a crazy week with a lot of snow,  freezing cold temps, a sick boy and a little fun too.

Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Day by taking a picture of these sweet brothers, holding hands without a care in the world about the color of each other's skin.

Tuesday was Robb's 29th birthday, we FaceTimed with him right away in the morning and he told us that Grayden had his first snow day!

All that snow made me tempted to book this 10 day cruise for $299, practically giving it away!
At night we went out to eat as a family for Robb's birthday to Carinos. 
Notice the little hand sneaking a bite off Robb's plate! 
 Wednesday was another COLD day. I was on a full out cleaning frenzy, finished up every last bit of laundry, gave the boy's bedrooms a good deep clean and other misc. stuff. 

Thursday I wanted to make up from the day before since the boys didn't get much attention from me with all the cleaning I did. With the help of Pinterest, we did lots of fun playing with paint, snow inside and made dominos trains.

Suddenly Grayden threw up out no where, poor boy has only thrown up a couple times in his 3.5 years of life, its so sad to see him so sick. 
He was feeling pretty bad for about 10 hours. Thankfully by Friday morning he was back to his normal, healthy self. 

However, I was feeling a little iffy. Robb stayed home so we could all recoup from a long night. We kept Gray home from school, just in case. It was his first day absent. 
By evening, I was thankfully feeling back to normal. We enjoyed a family movie night watching Toy Story 3. 
Saturday we finally make it outside to play in the snow! 

Robb went out a got us dinner from Arby's and picked up a Redbox movie for me and then he went out to dinner with some of his friends. 

Sunday afternoon we had a blast playing outside by my parents house and riding their snowmobiles.


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One Response to “ playing catch up ”

Elma said...

Glad you guys did not get that super nasty flu!!
Looks like the kids enjoyed the snow. We did not get much over here yet. Another snow day today so I am doing one of those crazy cleaning days!!
Have a wonderful week!!!