Welcome 2013!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!
We rang in the new year with friends/Robb's cousins and all the kids. We had a great night.

a few goals for the new year:

*improve prayer life
*say 'no' less and 'yes' more
*give more (more on that later and an opportunity for you to join me)
*read a few books from my 'to-read' list

So far the year is off to a rough start. Yesterday in attempt to say 'yes' more, I let the kids play outside, and Sadler fell off the top of the play set structure in the back yard. Thankfully he only bit his lip and scraped up his chin, but it shook me up a bit to think of how much worse that could have been. I just couldn't believe it, we were 2 days into the new year and already had an injury!

The afternoon was chaotic, the boys didn't want to nap, and I was beyond frustrated. 

Then this happened, an entire bag of oyster crackers, most of them crushed, all over the kitchen floor! Just what my day needed. The boys were eager to help clean up though so I couldn't get to upset!

and the cherry on top was when Sadler fell (again) this morning and hit his head on the corner of our baseboards (again) and bled like a stuck pig. 
I brought him to the walk in clinic for stitches but thankfully he just needed to be glued! Silver lining :)

A horsey ride for my brave boy.

I feel so terrible he's always getting hurt. I got a little lecture from the doctor, which I know is part of his job, but it made me feel SO bad. It's hard to understand unless you have a wild child like Sadler, but its so hard to keep that boy safe. He's always running and doesn't watch where he's going, ever. 
I'm doing the best I can. Praying he stays injury free the rest of the year, or at least month!

+I have one more Christmas party to post about, and then I'll be answering some questions a few of you have asked about our cruise trips and my weight loss. So stay tuned for those.

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12 Responses to “ Welcome 2013! ”

Tena said...

Happy new year! I wonder about babies born around when Sadler was. My daughter is almost exactly his age (I think they're like a week apart?) and she's crazy! No major injuries yet, thankfully, but man. Good luck! FWIW, my older son (almost 5) broke his leg at 2 1/2 and *nothing* beats the questions they ask you to subtly find out if it's something you did to your child. Hang in there and I hope the rest of the year is less eventful (in terms of doctor visits, at least)!

Jaime said...

Awwww! :( Don't let the Dr make you feel bad. You weren't being neglectful or anything. You just have a little man with a lot of spunk and desire to go go go. Great pictures! You have such a beautiful family. Happy New Year!

Aileen said...

Happy New Year! Oh man can I relate to having a wild child. My son is 2.5 and he is all over the place! Just last week he feel running and I kid you not he cracked my moms sheet rock! Some days I feel I am going to go crazy! Well I hope there are no more injuries in the near future.

Ashley said...

awe looks like you guys had fun!

No fun on getting hurt though!

Jessica G. said...

Aww, keep your head up. You are a great mama! And I agree with you, unless you have a wild child, people don't understand. I have one and the poor kid practically looks abused with all his injuries, but every time I turn my back, he is doing something crazy.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your post on how you planned your cruises, and if you got a good deal!!

You are a great mom, anyone can see that! Keep your head up, and it looks like you've got a great support system to help!

Mrs. G said...

I have a son just a month older than Sadler and he is always getting hurt and is our wild child too. Him being hurt doesn't even faze us anymore, nor does he seem to notice half the time anymore.
So you are definitely not alone with the wild child who is always getting hurt!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame yourself for Sadler getting hurt (again). Some kids are just like that. You can't wrap him in bubble wrap. You're a great mom.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad...accidents happen and hopefully they learn how not to hit things, fall etc. so much. My 4 year old is on the wild side and makes me nervous especially on some playgrounds. When I was a teen I babysat for two little boys that were about 18 months apart and they were wild (drove me crazy trying to watch them even for a few hours - turn your back for one minute and they were into something). They were always getting hurt and she was always calling me or my mom (they lived next door to us) to watch one while she took the other to the ER...hang in there!

Elma said...

Well boys are just wild and crazy!! Poor little boy:( He sure is cute!!
My doctor always said if your little boys sits in the corner all day and does nothing that is not normal:)

MorganP said...

I have a son that is 18 months right now. He is the same way. Constant motion and going full blast. I don't think he is ever without a bruise or scratch somewhere on his body. Thankfully, we haven't had stitches YET. But, I know our day is coming. I'm just thankful he is so tough and it doesn't bother him near as much as it does me. :)

Anonymous said...

My son is nine now, but on ALL of the pictures we have of him as a toddler, he is bruised in one area or another. I'd like to say that it stops as they age, but he jumped down our steps and hurt his tailbone just last week, then thought he'd reinact a Little House on the Prairie about a fighter and hauled out my husbands old punching bag. He punched it, but it moved and he scraped up his rib. He has also tried piercing his own ear, hauled a sled to the top of the play structure (to pretend he's on scaffholding like Dad)...You are in for it. I hate to say it. Sometimes doctors mean well, but don't know how their words weigh on us sensitive souls. You are a great mom!!