these are a few of our favorite things...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A few of you asked me to share what everyone brought to my favorite things party, and I would be happy to share!

I brought my favorite daily moisturizer. It's the up&up brand from Target. I use it everyday after I shower and before I put my make up on. It's oil-free, super light and blends in easily. I also love it because it treats and prevents breakouts! Less than $4 at Target!  Along with that I gave Aussie "3 minute miracle" deep conditioning treatment, you can pick that up anywhere, Target, Walmart, etc for less than $3. I felt a little guilty being a hairstylist and promoting a non-professional hair care product, but you can't beat that price and it works wonders on dry, damaged hair.  And the smell...AMAZING!
My sister Lisa brought Diet Coke and coconut syrup to mix for an amazing tropical flavored drink. It's so delicious! You could also try it in coffee.
My sister Mindy brought a HUGE can of CHI hairspray, smells divine, it's one of the things I choose to get.
Anne brought large drying mat for dishes. A hot item for sure!
Angie brought a punch card for 3 Zumba classes, LOVE! And her favorite flavored water "ICE," and a pack of licorice.
Rochelle brought a jewelry organizer that hangs in your closet, another popular one! She ordered them from Amazon.
Heather brought Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles, a favorite of mine too!
Susanne brought personal hair trimmers for all your trimming needs!
Tricia brought "12 benefits" hair product, one of the things I received and also love it!
Pinterest loving, creative, Val brought a storage tub full of ingredients to make homemade cleaners with.  I snatched that up and can't wait to put the vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc to work!
Emily brought Redken 18 hairspray, I've loved that for YEARS, too!
Alyssa brought hand-held cheese graters and cross bracelets, another hot pick!
Lydia brought cupcake stands, so cute!
Heidi brought candles and reed diffusers, love a good smelling house!
Lyndsey brought large puzzles, perfect hobby for the Winter months!
Amanda brought adorable baskets for all your organizing needs! ;)

Such great finds, it was so hard to choose what to get when everything was so amazing!

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5 Responses to “ these are a few of our favorite things... ”

Anonymous said...

Hey Hun! You forgot my lovely black and white baskets! Just joking I had to give you a hard time! Amanda

Kate said...

Ugh I knew I was gonna forget something! That's what I get when I'm in a hurry to finish the post before nap time ends!!
Sorry dear!

LeAnne said...

Thank you for posting! I went and bought some 3 minute miracle and its changes my life! Ha! Even went back and got some for a friend! I also got the moisturizer!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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