Insta Friday

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hope everyone had a great week, here are some recent instagram pics:

I adore everything about this!

somehow I was carrying around an empty wipes pack in my bag, glad I didn't find that out the hard way at least!

love me some baby elbow patches
silly baby
Sadler likes to hide his pacifiers, makes for a not so fun game of hide and seek at 8pm when he needs them to go to sleep!
one night I found them in a combine upstairs in a closet in the playroom!

the best way to start the morning

Sadler had his first music class on Tuesday and Grayden was excited to go back to school after a week off
He loved it!

Sadler figured out how to open the gates, the same gates adults have trouble opening!
He's trouble! 

Robb and I went for a couples massage Tuesday night as a birthday gift from me, well played, huh?! :)

Wednesday we met up with Mindy and the girls, and other moms from our moms in tow group at Deanna's playhouse!
they have so much fun there

while the boys were playing yesterday I overheard Gray say to Sadler, "here buddy, we just gotta go potty train you a sec" 
like it's that easy!
That will not be happening anytime soon, thanks anyways bud!

 Another snow day today, so we tried to do extra fun things to pass the time he would normally be spending at school.

Grayden LOVES green monster smoothies, he even knows how to make them now!

never a dull moment! my heart is still pounding

have a great weekend everyone!

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5 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Michelle Claire said...

I love that you like how I addressed your package. Made me smile today. :)

Kate said...

It made ME smile!! Loved it!

Rebecca S said...

oh boy! I think i have a mini heart attack just reading your posts! I have to say I am madly in love with your wall in the one picture! Come do it at my house?!

Anonymous said...

Love the glimpse into your week! It looks like you guys have a lot of fun and...have your hands full with that cute curly haired Sadler! I think my 17 month old and he would have a lot in common! :) Can we get the smoothie recipe please?

Karen said...

hmm, may have to steal that massage idea soon ;)

Green monster smoothies sound yummy! Can we please have the recipe?