Swaddling Saves the Day, and Night

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I was approached by BlogHer and St. Joseph Infant Gas Drops to share with you readers my #1 new mom tip.  I jumped at the opportunity to think back to those newborn days and share about my experience as a new mom.
Our two boys were totally different babies. Grayden was super easy going and always happy. He was a great eater, had a great sleeping schedule, but could also go with the flow from day one. Then, we had Sadler and thought he would be the same easy baby like Grayden was, but boy were we wrong! He needed constant attention, had terrible reflux, wanted to be held twenty four hours a day and cried A LOT!
But one thing they both liked was being swaddled!

It did wonders for their sleeping habits. We swaddled both boys at night and for naps for MANY months.  It kept them snuggled and cozy while they would sleep, and also prevented them from those ‘new baby twitches’ that would startle them and cause them to wake up.
As the boys got a little older and began to roll over in their cribs the swaddle would prevent them from rolling onto their bellies, and then get mad because they couldn’t roll back over to their backs on their own quite yet.

We didn’t just use the swaddle for sleeping though, we would use it during the day as well if they were fussy and just wanted to be held. Swaddling gave them that comforting feeling of being snuggled tight and gave us parents a much needed break from time to time.
The ‘baby burrito’ has become quite popular and there are a lot of different swaddle blankets on the market these days. We've used everything from the flannel receiving blankets, to the thin muslin type blankets. We even had a couple blankets that took all the guess work out of swaddling and basically swaddled themselves. They can be a little pricey, but they are well worth the investment if you ask me!

Before Grayden was born, Robb and I watched YouTube videos online to learn the proper technique to swaddle. We practiced swaddling stuffed bears and each other (I kid you not, I have the proof on video) until we got it just right.

Another thing that saved the day for us many times when the boys were babies were gas drops. St. Joseph Infant Gas Drops can be used at every feeding to quickly eliminate those pesky gas bubbles that cause pain and discomfort in babies bellies.
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14 Responses to “ Swaddling Saves the Day, and Night ”

m&msmommy said...

My #1 new mom tip would be...GO WIHT YOUR INSTINCTS! Everyone (and their mother ;) will try to give you advice, and although it's typically from a good place, you are the parents and you need to do what is best for you and your family. If I even told some of my friends/family what our sleeping arrangement was for several months, they would probably think we were crazy BUT it was what worked for our family, allowed us all to sleep and keep our insanity ;) so we went with. DO WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU! :)

Rachel C said...

I would tell a new mom to have tons of onesies on hand and put them under every outfit. It saves you from a lot of leaky diaper stains on their cute little clothes.
Also more crib sheets than you think you need because there will be nights when you have to change the sheets more than once!
rach62803 at yahoo dot com

Kerry said...

Swaddling is a life saver! Our little bit has to be swaddled at night or she won't sleep. As a new mom, my #1 tip is to take your family and friends up on their offers to help. There will be days you are so exhausted that a free hour or two to rest will be a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

As a new Mom myself I would say cuddle them as much as you want. They aren't always going to be little and you will have time later to do all those things you feel need to be done. Give yourself a break and just enjoy them while they are little.

C Lincoln said...

My #1om tip is to follow your instincts.sny people will try to give you advice and tell you how to do things. Do what feels right to you!

Anonymous said...

After just having baby number 4 my advice would be to enjoy every moment while they are little! They grow up so fast! Even though life is so busy take the time to enjoy your little ones!

Kriss said...

I didn't swaddle my two boys but I'm going to try it with my new twins that are coming.

S Veltema said...

My favorite tip is to layer the sheets in the crib. Put a water proof pad in between each layer. That way if they spit up or dirty the bed in the middle of the night you don't have to deal with putting new sheets on, you just take off the dirty sheet and the water proof pad.

Mary said...

My #1 new mom tip would be to put down the smartphones and electronics and cuddle your kids! They grow up so fast!

Clarisa said...

I am not yet a mom, but reading the tips is so helpful, especially the one to follow your instincts!

chambanachik said...

Definitely the swaddling! We got the hang out it very fast when we realized how much better my daughter slept that way!

CarrieAnn13 said...

My best new mom tip is to do what works for you & your little one. You know your family best and although lots of people will give you advice and recomendations - including your pediatrician - trust your gut.

Erica Best said...

if u are a new baby try to spend time with someone else before hand to give u ideal what u are in for

Erica Best said...