Weekend Wrap up

Monday, February 18, 2013

We had another great weekend!

Friday night we went to Robb's cousin, Jenna's high school basketball game. It was a really good game and we loved watching Jenna!

Saturday morning we did a little family workout :)
After that we showered up and gave the boys baths.
When Sadler got out of the tub I noticed all these bumps on his skin!

My first thought was maybe it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he was on for his ear infection, but it was his 8th day on it and he's been on it 2-3 other times as well and never had a reaction. I called the pharmacist and she thought we should take him in. 
Then I started to wonder if maybe he had chicken pox, so we took him to urgent care.

Turns out it WAS an allergic reaction to the antibiotic so we got him 2 new meds and we were all on our way back home to finish getting ourselves ready for the party!

We had a fun night celebrating Makenna's second birthday!

On Sunday we went to church. Robb and I finished teaching our last lesson on the "Five Love Languages" during Sunday School.
Grayden spent the afternoon by my parents house playing in the snow, he loved every minute of his one on one time with them!
We had Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Alyssa come over for a bit later in the afternoon and then headed to the Revolution service. 
It was a nice, laid back Sunday!

I've been overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the amount of blankets landing on my doorstep lately, thank you SO much for your donations in Brenham's memory. Just a reminder if you'd still like to donate a blanket to the NICU, we will be delivering them on the 28th, so there is still some time to get it here, just email me or leave a comment with your email address and I'll get you the info you need to send one here. 

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6 Responses to “ Weekend Wrap up ”

Emily said...

Please send me information to send a blanket, I'd love to participate.

Kim Saveley said...

Love the Chair - How did they get her name in the chair - Is that a soft chair?

Kim Saveley said...


I misplaced your address for sending a blanket.....



Kat said...

those look scary! so glad it was easily resolved

Shannon said...

hope Sadler feels better. make sure you get him checked with a blood test at some point to make sure it truly was an allergy to the medicine. With my daughter, she broke out as well after 6 days on a medicine. was told allergy, etc and after every ear infection, we kept using a different medicine since she was allergic. turns out, after the blood test, she wasn't allergic at all. The rash ended up being viral from when she was sick. Good luck!!!

Megan said...

My son had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin, too! It was probably the third time he'd been on it, too. I guess the more times you are exposed to the allergen the worse the reaction is - your body gets "sensitized" to it. Scary, but at least it's easy to avoid penicillins!