Weekend Wrap up {Splash Universe}

Monday, February 25, 2013

We had a super fun weekend!
 Kicking off on Friday morning, Grayden was the special helper in class, which means I was the the parent helper and it was also pajama day.

Grayden had been looking forward to that day for a long time!
We had a great morning at school and Sadler had fun with Grandma L. too.

After school we headed to Indiana to meet up with the rest of my family at Splash Universe as a Christmas gift from my parents.
The boys slept on the way down there and once we got to Shipshewana we did a little shopping at the cute little downtown shops. 
The kids loved the carousel ride.
We grabbed dinner at a pizza buffet and then checked into our hotel.

We got changed and headed straight to the water park. the boys were so excited to swim!

Both boys loved the water, I was super impressed with how much braver Gray had gotten since the last time we were there, he went down even the biggest slides!

At one point during our time in the water park Robb said something like "if we looked up 'water rat' in the dictionary I'm sure there would be a picture of Sadler." 
so true!
He couldn't get enough of the water, if he saw me coming at him with a towel to dry off, he had a fit!

Probably his favorite thing to do was go down the blue slides, I kid you not he had to have gone down these at least 100 times. He always wanted to race whoever was next to him. 
He also enjoyed a few laps on the lazy river with Aunt Lisa!
and playing ring-around-the-rosie with Makenna

after a few hours in the water we headed to bed. the boys slept great!

a little morning snuggle

The next day we had a delicious breakfast at the hotel and then played again in the water park for awhile. 
After it was time to check out we hit up the bulk food store and the bakery. 
Sadler has fallen asleep both times he's been in this bakery. its the strangest thing, the smell of donuts must make him tired.

Fall 2012  and Feb. 2013

Then we hit the road for home. On the way back we made a stop to look at a travel trailer that was for sale and also stopped in GR to do a little more shopping for campers. 
We ended up finding one there that will be just right for us. 
Can't wait to camp this Summer, we've really missed it the past couple years. 

after we left the trailer dealership we headed to Costco and had dinner at Qdoba. 
Such a fun day!
The boys were so good! We were so proud of them!
Thanks again mom and dad!
We had a typical Sunday with church, naps and revolution. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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One Response to “ Weekend Wrap up {Splash Universe} ”

Elma said...

Such fun!! I take my youngest three to that water park each Christmas and this last time I went down that huge fast tunnel slide. I was so scared I can't believe my kids can do it over and over again. Not for me.
Don't you just love those shops?? Have you been to A touch of country and a Thankful Heart?? Those are my two fav shops.