Friday, February 15, 2013

the last couple weeks in iphone pictures:

I know this is strange, but I do all my laundry on Mondays. I hate laundry, so the thought of doing it everyday makes me cringe, I'd rather spend one day on it and be done with it so I can enjoy the rest of the week. It's such a great feeling to have an empty floor in the laundry room at the end of the day!

I can't make it a day without coffee! It's sad really. I try some mornings to go without but I always end up having a cup by the afternoon, for sure. 
This pic reminds me of a few comments I got on IG about doing a hair tutorial. I've been asked that a lot and have considered it, but the only way I can think of to do that would be to make a video and that terrifies me! BUT I just watched a really good hair style tutorial on the BlogHer TV video on the sidebar, so check that out if you're looking for some poofing tips!

Grayden loves getting High Five magazines, he was so excited to see one waiting for him on his bed one night before he went to sleep.

Me and Sadler had an afternoon to ourselves a couple weeks ago while Grayden played by Grandma's house.

I told Sadler it was nap time and he plopped himself on Grayden's bed! So cute!

Sadler had a rough few days last week, he was irritable and not sleeping at night. Turns out he had a double ear infection :( I'm still not used to knowing the signs for those, Grayden has never had one so they are still new to me. 

He's so cute, even when he cries! I'm in trouble!
I told him he couldn't have another snack so he cried for daddy! lol

This is my morning cocktail of meds, plus a multi vitamin I take on a second swallow. Funny thing is, I can still remember HATING to swallow pills when I was younger, my mom or dad would try to hide them in my food or throw them down my throat! Now I dont think twice before swallowing the handful.

Play date with Brooklyn and Kinsley last week at the McDonald's play place, Sadler didn't want to pose for a picture!


playdate with Drew.
Gray's enrolled in preschool next Fall, seems like I was just signing him up for 3school!

the boys are chasing a laser pointer around on the floor, easily amused, I was cracking up!

I thought this was the cutest craft Gray made in 'Kid's Club' at church on Wednesday night. The greatest gift of love ever, John 3:16

I love a clean fridge, makes me so happy!

I asked Gray to help me unload the dishwasher yesterday, he took about 2 things out and said, "I don't have the energy for this!' ha! I have no idea where he gets these phrases from! He makes me laugh everyday!
Happy Valentines Day from Sadler
Valentines for all Grayden's special friends at school.

My parents had us over last night for a Valentines Day fondue party. So fun!

 The chocolate fountain was a huge hit,
Grayden loved dipping the strawberries

and Sadler just dipped his spoon!

 Have a great weekend!

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12 Responses to “ instafriday ”

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you share pictures. The boys are absolutely adorable. If I may ask...where did you get the guitar pillow with Grayden's name on it? I'm guessing a catalog as it is personalized. ( This would be a perfect gift for my boyfriend since he is into guitars, and I have never seen anything like this before). Thanks for sharing:)

Vanessa Miller said...

Your laundry room is amazing but I don't like doing laundry either! Ear infections are the worst and I never know when my daughter has one! The Valetine's cards are so cute!

Tena said...

I seriously love your house! My daughter who is Sadler's age likes to "steal" her big brother's bed too. So cute!

Kate said...

The pillow is from the company kids store catalog! I ordered it online! Last time i looked it was on super sale, maybe discontinuing it?!

Jennifer said...

I love all these pictures! I want to follow you on Instagram! I'm "ramblingjen"

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Jennifer Kay said...

As always your pics are beautiful, you have an awesome house and family!

Elma said...

Oh I love the laundry room to:) Mine is so small:( I do about three to five loads or more a day. Never ending over here.
Love all the pictures of the boys so adorable!!!

Traci said...

Where are you at for that play date with the green slides? It looks like fun and we can only go to the mall or McDonald's so many times. We need some new indoor places until the weather warms up.

Kate said...

That was at Christ memorial church, we really like their play area, perfect size for my boys!

Jessica said...

Love your big laundry room too! When i saw it I was thinking I wonder what size it is. haha.. Only say that b/c we are looking at building a house soon and have been reviewing house plans. Makes my head hurt and we only just begun! Maybe you could do a post on things you would change about your new house or maybe suggestions you have when building that you wish someone would have told you. By the way, your house is beautiful!

Emily said...

I love those bubble cute!

Rachel C said...

I was thinking the same thing as Jessica - we're hoping to build a house soon too. Anything you would change after you've been through it?