A day in the life of the Lubbers

Sunday, July 14, 2013

As I mentioned last week, for the past several years I've done a post on July 7 about what a typical day looks like for us. It's been fun to see how life changes from year to year. 
 However, last week Sunday on July 7, I was on bed rest so I pushed it back to this week Sunday. I typically do a better job of taking more pictures and documenting our day to day life, but with it being a busy Sunday I didn't think of it quite as often. :)

Our day started at 7:55 am when Sadler came in our bed and woke us up. He had helped himself to a fruit bar and snuggled in bed to watch Henry Hugglemonster. 

 I get up and check on Gray who was out late last night with Robb at a race. It's no surprise he's still out!

Sadler and Daddy start getting ready for church and get in the shower...

while I start breakfast. Not a typical Sunday morning breakfast, but I had bananas I needed to use up so banana pancakes was on the menu. 

Gray wakes up at 8:25 and we all have breakfast.

Robb gets the boys dressed in outfits I pick out and packs the boys' church bag while I get myself ready for church.

We're all dressed and ready to head out the door at 9:05

Our church service is from 9:30-10:30, we talk and fellowship with friends and family after the service ends and we get home around 11:00

Robb grills us some hot dogs for lunch

while I finish making dessert to share with friends later tonight. 

We pack up some stuff and head out to the lake with the rest of my family around 12:30.

Sadler takes a nap when we get to the cottage and the rest of us spend some time relaxing and playing in the water on this HOT afternoon. 

Sadler wakes up around 3:00 and joins us in the water. Mindy takes him for a swim.
 And a sea-doo ride with Dad. 

Having fun with cousin Makenna

around 5:00 a group of our friends from church come out for the evening.
We have fun with the kids in the water and have a yummy taco dinner.

Most of the group took a cruise around the lake on the pontoon. 

We all headed home around 8 
Sadler fell asleep in the car on the way home so he went right to bed while the rest of us showered and got ready for bed. 

Gray goes to sleep around 9:15 and Robb and I are relaxing in front of the tv for the rest of the night. 

We had a great Summer day!

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3 Responses to “ A day in the life of the Lubbers ”

lauren betchan said...

praying for you and the health of your pregnancy,

your family is precious.

Jenna said...

I can't believe your kids sleep that late!! My kids are my wake-up call too.... But it's usually at 6, if not a little before. Lucky girl!!

Ashley B. said...

I really wish I would have started "A Day in our Life" with my kiddos sooner but actually thought about journaling their birthdays. This fall we'll celebrate a 3rd and 1st so I'm not too far behind...lol

Such a great thing to look back on!