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Friday, July 12, 2013

It's been over a month since I last dumped my Instagram pictures on here! So bare with me as I update our past month in phone pics!
Fun morning at the Farmer's market and fountain downtown with friends!

This picture got left out of our first camping trip post.

taking a break from the blow-up pool

Sadler clearly wasn't as into The Bachelorette as I was :)

I'd been waiting since I got it for my birthday (in Sept) to wear my chambray shirt with white shorts, that day finally came and it was definitely picture worthy!
I love summer style.

My shoes may have been my favorite part of the outfit though :)

JUMP! Kindermusik at the library with Brooklyn and Kinsley

The afternoon before we left for our second camping trip I took Sadler to the walk-in clinic, he just didn't seem quite himself for the past week. He had 2 doctors look him over and he checked out fine, but it gave me peace of mind before we left for a week of camping. 

Baby snuggling baby

the boys were playing 'bath' lol

The evening we got home from camping we headed to see a WhiteCaps game with my family!
We sat in a suite and had a ball, hehe!

The pig was not a big hit with the the kids! I find it hilarious!

After the WhiteCaps game Robb and I brought Sadler to the ER at the Children's Hospital, it had been a week since his trip to the walk-in clinic and he was still not himself. He would cry/scream for no reason, wasn't eating or drinking and seemed miserable.

While the doctors ran tests he was given IV fluids, he was quite dehydrated. 
Poor guy. 

It was getting late and the drs couldn't figure out what was wrong, but this mama knew something was up. You can tell in his eyes. 

At the last minute I found a few spots on his chin/cheek and they sent us home with the diagnoses of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Finally after letting it run its course for a few days, he was drinking again! Such a happy sight!

And in a few more days eating like normal again too!

Wednesday morning, after experiencing a lot of unexplained bleeding, I was put on bed rest until my next appointment on Tuesday. 

It amazes me how Gray can pick out every detail in the Ultra Sound pictures! He's so absolutely in love with this baby already!

Bed rest gave me the time to work on our 2012 family photo album...

Search for baby names...

Give Pacey some attention he's been lacking. 

 My dapper dudes Sunday morning before church. 
A moved from the bed to the couch on Monday for a new view :)

The boys spent the day with Aunt Lisa, she brought them to the Critter Barn!
SO thankful for to my mom, mother in law, Aunt Lisa and Robb for making sure the boys (and me) were very well taken care of! It was so hard to not be able to take care of them, but I knew they were in great hands and had a blast!

Tuesday I was taken off bed rest! The bed is empty!
My ultrasound showed an area where the placenta isn't attached completely to the uterus and causing blood to pool behind it. I have to take it easy, but we are hoping and praying that it resolves on its own. 

Sporting my new shorts and new baby bump on Wednesday! I seemed to have popped overnight!

True sign of Summer, chalk buns!

Wednesday night we headed to the beach as a family. I'm not a big fan of sand every.where but the boys loved it and we had a great time!

There was barely a quarter inch of water in the tub, but he couldn't wait to hop in!

This morning we went to the park and Zee Bus (library on wheels) with our friends Drew and Lila.

Every night Grayden prays for "Mommy's baby to grow BIG and strong"! Looks like his prayers are being answered, baby weighed in at approximately 4 oz at my appt on Tuesday! 

I had to take Sadler in my room for nap time today because the boys would not leave each other alone in their rooms. They missed each other so much after Gray spent the night and day with Aunt Lisa as a gift for his birthday. 

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One Response to “ Insta Friday ”

Anonymous said...


I have been praying for you since your bleeding scare. My first pregnancy I delivered at 32 weeks. My second pregnancy I was 13 weeks and started bleeding heavily. I was told in the ER that I had a miscarriage but would have to wait until the next afternoon to have an ultrasound to confirm. That was the saddest day of my life. We had just told our 5 year old daugher less than a week before and she was so excited. The following day an ultrasound found our baby to be doing great and very healthy! It was also confirmed that I had a small placental detachment. My baby boy is now 2 1/2 years old!

I will continue to Pray for you and your sweet family as your pregnancy progresses!