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Friday, July 26, 2013

A couple weeks behind here (I know!) starting off on Friday, July 12. 
Family date night to Pizza Hut, the candy store and park .

 Saturday morning the boys had a special date planned with Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Alyssa. They had a great time at the children's museum!
Robb and I took advantage of our morning alone and enjoyed a delicious breakfast in Grand Haven and a little shopping downtown. 

When the boys got back, we headed to the cottage for the afternoon.

The big boys headed out around 5:00 to the races at Berlin. They had a great time!

Great way to start the morning!

Last week was such a hot one! We spent lots of time inside or in water!
Too busy to take the time to pull his suit up!

Grandpa and Grandma's pool was the perfect way to cool off!

"let's hold hands!" while watching some cartoons after nap time!

Sporting my first maternity wear, not really needed yet, but I like it so much I'd wear it even if I wasn't preggo!

Fun morning shopping and having lunch in Saugatuck with my mom and sisters. 

That night we all got together again to make Tastefully Simple freezer meals, 

I made bacon-wrapped dates from the book "Bread and Wine" for us to munch on while we cooked

We made 10 meals and they all look so yummy!

I was thinking I had a few more years before the brotherly pranks started, but I was wrong. Sadler went to town coloring with marker on Gray's face while he was sleeping one night!
 Poor guy :(
Fun in the new sprinkler.

Last Saturday it was my turn for some one-on-one time with Gray! (Sadler's turn in coming!)
Robb was gone to the truck show all day so Aunt Lisa watched Sadler while we went to Grayden's first movie theater to watch Turbo!

It was such a cute movie, totally up Grayden's alley, and he loved it!
About 10 minutes in he looked over at me and said "I'm having so much fun mom, I love you!'
Made in all worth it right there!

After the movie we picked Sadler up and headed to the truck show to see daddy and enjoy some food at the Taste of G.R.

Sunday afternoon we met up at the park to celebrate great-grandma B's 88th bday!

 I asked Gray to help me make some bread Tuesday morning, but this isn't exactly what I had in mind!
 Fun at the farmer's market Wednesday morning! 
 Wednesday evening we headed to the fair for the tractor pulls. 
 Sadler loved it, and kept saying "On your mark, get set, GO monster truck!"
Gray preferred checking out the farm animals!

Yesterday morning we met up with a couple of my fellow adoptive mom friends and their kiddos for some fun at Kindermusik at the library!

The boys were a little crazy, but had fun!

It's become a habit of ours to go the bakery whenever we leave the library, so the kids all enjoyed a frosted sugar cookie before we headed to the park!

Friends; then (Aug 2012) and now (July 2013)
When we came home the play date, Robb had lunch all set out for us, so sweet!

I had my 16 week appt. late that afternoon, we let Grayden come along this time, he's been so excited to get a sneak peek at his brother or sister!

Sadler had a fun time playing by Aunt Mindy!

After our appointment, we quick headed to a birthday/pool party for great grandpa and grandma L. 
The boys had a fun time swimming despite the cooler weather. 

This morning Gray was picking out the books he doesn't need anymore and putting dollar bills in the pages 'to give to kids in different countries that don't have books'. 
All on his own, I didn't say a word, just asked him what he was doing!
So sweet!

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Jocelyn said...

You are looking fantastic! And the 'I'm having so much fun mom'? That is the cutest thing ever!

Tena said...

Oh my, the picture of poor Gray with the marker on his face made me laugh so hard! I love what siblings do to each other (though my kids haven't done this particular thing yet). My 5 year old asks my daughter (almost exactly Sadler's age) to hold his hand and it melts my heart. Your family is so beautiful!