Grayden Robert, you are 5 years old!

Monday, May 19, 2014

"Welcome to the whole hand club" as Mrs. Parrott would say! Wow, buddy! I'm so thankful to have been blessed by you these past 5 years! I love you more and more each day. And I loved you a whole lot the first time I laid eyes on you!

You bring us so much happiness. 

You are the sweetest boy! Not to say we don't have our difficult moments, you challenge us everyday, but you have the sweetest heart, and you are so full of LOVE! 

We are especially proud of how much you love your baby sister! I don't know of many 5 years old (and a boy for that matter) who genuinely enjoy holding their baby sister, just perfectly content doing nothing but holding her and talking sweet nothings to her! It's beyond precious!
You love your brother too, it would be nice if you got along better tho ;)
You love everyone and everything. You list everyone you love in your prayers and wrap it up by saying "I love everyone in the whole world!"

You love school and are so social. You make friends so quickly. You even made a friend in Key West while swimming in the pool who spoke only Spanish! I love that about you! 

You love back rubs, watching TV shows and movies, candy and anything sugary (hello, sweet tooth!) playing outside, when daddy comes home, crafts and coloring/drawing. 

You rarely take naps anymore, but ALWAYS fall asleep in the car. 

You love to help! If daddy or I have a job we need done, you are our guy!

You have a great imagination and remember everything ('like the time Sadler stepped on glass', you like to remind us of whenever we tell you what a good memory you have!)

We are so proud of you Grayden, and look forward to enjoying many more years with you, watching you grow, and discovering what God has planed for your life.

I love you MORE!
Mommy and Daddy.  

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One Response to “ Grayden Robert, you are 5 years old! ”

DianeTaylor said...

What great pics!!! Grayden Happy 5th birthday buddy :):) It's been so much fun watching you grow all these years.

xxooo - Diane