Insta Friday

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sit down, grab a snack...this is a long one!
sword fighting with bowling pins...boys!

in meijers alone, i used a mini cart and everything!

this day's lunch earned me some cool mom points. Gray is easily pleased :)

beautiful day at the park with friends

Jovie didnt think it was quite as funny as I did to dress her in the stuffed bunny's clothes!

Bribed the kids by telling them we'd feed the ducks if they were good while I quick tried on a pair of jeans at Gap Outlet.  We did not feed the ducks. 

So busy painting his dragon at Paint a Pot during Spring Break. 

Sadler picked out the tiniest pony to paint. He painted for about 4 minutes. 

Painting with friends!

Jovie's Baby Be Blessed doll totally made me tear up when it came in the mail. 

All three kids have a BBB doll now. 
A lamb, a lion and a lady.  How fitting ;)

My big helper

Girls shopping day!

Jovie did so good shopping all day long with mommy, grandma and her aunties. 

squeaky clean babe

love this!

Snuggles before bed. 

Fun morning at the Build and Grow clinic at Lowes.

Finished product. 

Swinging at the beach

Loved the beach already. 

Spent another Sunday home with these cuties fighting colds. 

$5 Walmart finds!

Playing with my big!

Helping mommy chop veggies in the sling. 

Pretty girl

2 months vs. 4 months. 

that works! as long as he's napping!

Dominos for days. 

Sadler can now take candid iPhone pics, good to know!

shopping and sipping with the littles while Gray was in school 

love having sisters

So adorable in her personalized onesie!

Wishing and hoping

Table scape for Supper for Six. 

baby Robb, now we know where Jovie gets those big eyes from!


one lucky girl 

This is a good day!

Jovie before going to her 4 month check up. 

mini me (we didn't go out in public like this :)

successful day garage saling and second shopping 

Donuts and story time

Captain Hook! Love his imagination. 

first day in undies!

helping dad with yard work!

telling bible stories before church to practice on Sadler's first day of Sunday School.

He fell fast asleep during Rev. Kids

Playing with their new toys after their birthday party!

April 27, 2013 vs April 27, 2014
Boy what a difference a year makes!
(Just to be clear I am not pregnant! Just remembering us finding out we were pregnant with Jovie a year ago that day)

Rock star on his new bike.

Big apple bagel date!

Co pilot with his friend Geneva on their school field trip to the airport!

Love handmade gifts! Thanks again Elma!

so much fun dressing a daughter. and loving the nieces' hand me downs!

my morning view

I was not thrilled to be kept waiting for an hour at a doctors appointment this week with all 3 kids in tow.  It seems like I spend half my life in doctors appointments as it is!

Entertained by the train and homemade green apple pop! Impressed by our first trip to Bagger Daves. 

Gray with his boat project he and Robb worked on for school.

Fun morning with friends at Christ Memorial 

How fitting were our game pieces for playing Chutes and Ladders with my boys?!

Loving her Praise Baby DVD

Definitely my daughter. Loving ice cream :)

Snacking at Meijers after a morning of garage sales. 

Sadler's garage sale splurge this morning. A naked, crazy haired cabbage patch doll for 50 cents! Whatever makes him happy! Gray picked out a pirate ship toy for the same price!

Finally big enough to try out a new toy!

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6 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Courtney said...

Holy cow lady! You weren't kidding! That was a lot of photos! But, they were all SO wonderful to look through- I would have shared them all too :)

Happy Friday!!

Mary Ann said...

Do you take all 3 kids garage saling with you??

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Not usually, but I took my mom along too :)

Mrs. B said...

Loved all the pics!
Mason has a BBB lamb.... from when we thought he wouldnt make it to birth. Its a beautiful doll!

Anonymous said...

What kind of sling do you have? & do you like it?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

It's a hot sling. I do like it, so quick to put on compared to some of my other baby carriers. It does hurt my shoulder after awhile tho so if I'm going to be wearing her long term I prefer the Ergo.