{Key West}

Friday, May 9, 2014

We just got back from a short getaway to Key West with my family. The guys took some of their customers on a deep sea fishing trip down there, and we stayed a few extra days and made it a vacation! 

We flew out Saturday afternoon and arrived in Key West in the early evening. 

The boys were invited to sit in the cock pit! How cool!
The kids did great traveling!

our rental for the trip! riding in style!

checking out the views on the ride to the hotel. 

We checked into our rooms, we stayed in suites to accommodate us all. It was the perfect set up. 

The view from our balcony. 
We unpacked a bit and the guys checked out the street performers on the boardwalk while we scoped out a place to eat. Grayden got called on to help out with this juggler.  

I had the best fish tacos ever! 

 We ended the night with the best ice cream! We made sure to enjoy that 2 more times during our trip!

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Denny's before spending the day at the pool. 

We all got an early dinner, walked around and checked out the key lime pie factory. 

The guys went to a welcome reception. The rest of us walked around the boardwalk, checked out the street performers and watched the sunset. 
 Grayden got to help the street performer again!

Monday the guys went fishing. They were gone from 7-5. 
They had a great time!

We grabbed breakfast at a near by cafe and went to the pool, again!

loving the sunshine and palm trees!

Poor Jovie really missed her crib. She was a little fussy at times. 

There was a small window of time between fishing and dinner that we spent at the aquarium right next door to our hotel. The tickets were good for two days so we went on Tuesday too. 

The guys had dinner, they ate the fish they caught! We headed to another nearby resturant. 
The boys and I watched the boats while the sun set. 

Tuesday we headed out for breakfast again to Denny's and then checked out the beach for a bit. 

The guys had no agenda during the day so we all enjoyed some more time at the pool (and went back to the aquarium). 
I had some relaxing time alone at the pool while Robb took the kids up to the room for naps. I felt slightly guilty but it was bliss!

feeding the fish 

We went back to the same restuarant that we ate at the fist night, just couldn't beat those mahi-mahi tacos! 
The guys had another dinner with the customers. 

 Wednesday was our last day there. 

We had breakfast at the hotel and realxed by the pool before grabbing a late lunch and heading back to the airport.

The flights went great again. Sadler fell asleep before we even took off, and Gray got a good snooze in too!

The only issue we had was a five minute fit from Sadler over crumbled cookies :)

We had a great time! Thanks Mom and Dad (& WMI) for a great trip!

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4 Responses to “ {Key West} ”

Tesha Papik said...

Looks like so much fun! Love your bathing suits:)

The Granberrys said...

Key West is my favorite! I love your pictures!

Unknown said...

Looks so fun! I love your green top and neclace, you looked beautiful! Mind telling me where you got it? :) Thanks.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Oh thank you! Unfortunately they are both quite old but the top is Old Navy and the necklace is Premier.