A Day in the Life of the Lubbers 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

If you've been following my blog for awhile you may recall I spend the day of July 7 documenting a day in our life though pictures for the past several years as a way to remember our sweet Brenham boy on his original due date.
I love being able to look back on the years and see how our lives have changed in our day to day duties.
My day starts at 7:05 am when Grayden wakes up (he's usually the first one up!), he lays in bed with me to watch cartoons (odd squad and wild kratts) and I catch up on social media on my phone

7:50 am Sadler wakes up and requests breakfast, frozen pancake, syrup on the side and blueberries for him, yogurt with blueberries and granola for Gray. My coffee is brewing and then I sit down with my devotions (Craving God and Proverbs 7) before I check on JoJo. 

8:30 am we hear Jovie singing from her crib and the boys race to get to her before I do, every morning. It's the sweetest thing but as you can see from her stink eye, she's not thrilled about the chaos. ;) She's dramatic! 

9:15 I change Jovie after getting us breakfast, pancake and blueberries for her, egg with sauteed spinach and mushrooms and feta on top for me. The boys play with their toys. 

9:30 am I take my morning meds, which seems so mundane now but super important. If I miss even one dose my body could reject my kidney. Which reminded me to call the doctor to check on some results of the labs I had done last week. The kids are all downstairs playing. 

10:30 am the boys work on putting away their laundry from the day before. We usually do it all on Mondays but we had a busy day at the zoo and ran out of time. Meanwhile, I found Jovie in our bathroom with the door closed behind her, playing with toothpaste! So she needs to be cleaned up and  an have an outfit change. 

12 pm The kids have been playing and I've been doing some packing for an upcoming camping trip. For lunch we have leftover meatballs, mac and cheese, baked beans and tomatoes. 

12:30 Grandma stops over with some donut holes. We play some more and then it's nap/quiet time.

1:00 the sun comes out so we push back the nap time, I finished up a quick blog post, and we head outside to play 

1:30 Jovie is asleep and I'm relaxing outside with a book. The boys are outside doing a mixture of playing and fighting, per usual. 

3:45 JoJo is up from her nap and it's snack time. Nutella on toast/vanilla wafers and oranges. Then we head up to the playroom and I'll start dinner and get myself dressed. *Yup, I'm in yoga pants most days until I have somewhere to go or clients scheduled!*

5:20 pm Robb comes home from work and we eat dinner. Baked pizza ravioli, (I'll share the recipe for that sometime, it's so good!) garlic bread and sauteed zucchini is on the menu. 

5:45 the kids clear the table and we rush to get ready for vbs

6:15-8:15 pm The boys and I go to VBS, I lead a crew around for games, snacks, crafts and a Bible story while Robb plays at home with Jovie. 

8:45 pm I have two haircuts in the books while Robb gets the kids ready for bed, he's super dad! I hit the shower and then crawl into bed to watch America's Got Talent with the hubs and we call it a day! 

So thankful to be able to spend my days doing what I love. It's far from glamorous, but I'm so grateful to be a wife and a mom. Something I take for granted too often. 

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3 Responses to “ A Day in the Life of the Lubbers 2015 ”

Ashley B. said...

Loves these as an opportunity to look back at past years. A mini yearbook. Such a sweet family you have! I've really enjoyed following your blog over the years.

Anonymous said...

This post gives me hope! Were any of your kids ever bad sleepers? I am first time mom to a four month old and the sleep deprivation that results from multiple night wakings just takes a toll on me!! Any tips for surviving between now and time she is able to sleep better?!?! When did your kids turn into good sleepers?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

i kinda hate to tell you this but, my kids have all been really good sleepers. Just hang in there momma, you're doing a great job I'm sure. During those sleepless nights I would try to remind myself that someday I may miss those middle of the night snuggles! It gets better! Enjoy that little one, they grow so so fast!