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Friday, July 3, 2015

Prettiest and yummiest spread I've ever seen! It was such a {treat} to be able to celebrate the gift of adoption a few weeks ago with the Flockstra's at their fundraiser. 

Getting ready for an impromptu family photo shoot with the tripod and self timer. The feeling is mutual my sweet girl!

Family fun on a Saturday climbing Mt. Pisgah and playing at the beach

time to get the camper cleaned up for it's debut trip

Whitecaps game with the boys, it was a perfect {sunny} day for a ball game!

Day 12 with Jillian, pretty sure that's a record, even with my tiny 2 lb weights her workouts are brutal!

Love this crew so so much! 

catching, and releasing toads because "he might miss his family and his grandma might die to Heaven" 

I had the longest to-do list one day but I forced myself to take a little time for me.

Another new favorite Wildtree meal 'Cajun Shrimp Creole' served over califlower rice. (Don't forget to check out the post a few back to order your own Wildtree goodies and enter the giveaway!) 

cutest little pitcher at his 2nd Tball game

taking their sweet time picking out a treasure at Sadler's chiropractor only to be thrown away by mom in a couple days ;)

we had a great morning signing the kids up for the superhero reading program and Kindermusik and splash pad with cousins and friends!

tennis camp

this is what happens when mom is busy packing the camper! 

Fathers day celebration with Robb's dad Sunday night

painting party for 2 while I distracted the little one!

fresh produce goodnees from our CSA

It was muddy and rainy, then muggy and hot, and Jovie ate a few strawberries whole, stem and all, but we got our berries!

Dinner disaster: Gray had to eat on the floor because of the ridiculous amount of arguing about where he sat at the table, so he wasn't allowed to sit at the table at all. And Sadler was seriously upset about having water instead of milk to drink. I served salads and a warmed up casserole from the freezer section at Aldi and I'm not going to feel guilty about that! This is how life is sometimes, crazy, loud and chaotic, and that's ok!

self led art time

this is why we lock the pantry door, always wanting a snack

the remains of a picnic lunch, girl plates for everyone :)

Jesus + Coffee = happy mommy

"you'll be my honeysuckle, I'll be your honey bee"

play date at TimberTown

updated picture frames, where does the time go?

will work(out) for ice cream!

legos with my big boy

spicy sweet potato fries with maple dijon dip, delish!

boys, enough said :)

I bought that suit for Jovie last year on super clearance, even though I underestimated her size she looked pretty adorable in it!

so blessed to be their mom

loving my home state of Michigan, even on a rainy day at the campground 

free movie and popcorn at the library, can't say no to these faces!


batter up!

his own personal cheerleader giving high-fives through the fence!

snails and slugs on our morning stroll

bathing beauty

this is what summer is all about!

me and my girl at the community picnic

such a blast

evening bike ride with my crew

I shared a couple laundry tips on laundry day, I save dryer lint in a bag before camping trips, it makes the best fire starter! And I use a dry erase marker to write down anything I don't want to put in the dryer, it's saved me from shrunken clothes and set in stains many times. 

so thankful for a healthy girl at her 18 month check up!

heading home on his last tball game

love this boy to pieces

taking my troop to the library and grabbing some donuts and a stranger asked me if I was the babysitter. :/

they always check out quite the collection of books!

the very worst part about camping

this book has taught me so much about being a good steward of "our" money.  

always on my lap.

fun day at the Children's museum, gotta love free passes from the library!

she took awhile to get warmed up to all the activity but once she did, she loved it too!

cute worker boy!

totally loving it!

cuties at Kollens park

The calm before the storm at Sadler's 4 year check up (yup, a little late on that one!) poor guy had 2 shots, 2 warts frozen off, and a finger prick to check his blood sugars. I was sweating at the end of it!

always needing a snack while mommy makes dinner :)

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Ashley B. said...

Such great pictures! I need to remember that trick - using a dry erase marker on the washer/dryer. Thanks!

We made a trip to the GR Childrens Museum almost two years ago and both kiddos had a great time! A little hike for us but worth the weekend trip since we had fun at the zoo as well!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you buy essential oils but I used the DoTerra Oregano (diluted in a bit of EVOO) on my sons wart on his big toe and I swear it was literally gone in just a few days. Just a tip! Cute kids :)