Camping at Hungry Horse (July 9-16)

Monday, July 27, 2015

We had our first week-long camping trip of the season earlier this month camping at Hungry Horse with the Leegwaters, Nyhoff, Meistes and Kleins. We had such a great week!

Jovie living the dream, chatting it up with a gal pal while mr. muscles pulls them in the wagon :)

we spent lots of time at the pool with our friends! The kids were never lacking someone to play with! 

craft time, thanks Val for organizing this! It kept one of these boys busy for HOURS, you can probably guess which one :)

fun on the slip and slide

Saturday morning breakfast!

gotta have a good book or two to read during the week!

waiting for chapel to start Sunday morning!

we got eaten alive by mosquitoes and didn't find any rhinoceroses like Sadler was hoping for,  but we did have fun on a nature walk through the trails!

lil diva

the boys love doing "superman" on the swings

Jovie had a whole audience for her bath time :)

It rained hard on Tuesday morning so we got out to the dollar store and market to kill some time.

deep in thought!

they are so creative together, I just love seeing what they come up with!

yummy baked apples by the campfire!

The kids all worked together to make a cool fort at the pool one day, Jovie refused to have her suit straps on, I think she wanted to be like the boys! ha!
a little down time watching Veggie Tales!

have I mentioned how much I love camping food?!

poor guy, the mosquitos got him right on the eyelid!

my bathing beauty

he loves the water and did a great job swimming. 

surfer boy!

wagon ride to feed the horses!

the boys slept past 9:30 the last morning, all the late nights and busy days finally caught up the them!

The whole group of 15 kids!

We made so many fun memories once again, can't wait till our next trip! 

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Ashley B. said...

Looks like a great time!