Friday Photo Dump

Friday, April 15, 2016

Saturday morning fun checking out equipment at K&R with grandpa

beautiful Saturday afternoon to play on the swing set, daddy pushes the highest!

our favorite nephew turned 1!

Cute cousins at Jensen's birthday party

when we got back from vacation Jovie thought she needed to sleep in mommy and daddy's big bed, like the bed she had at the condo :)

washing the outside of the windows, couldn't have done it without my strong helper!

Silly girl found some friends in the gift shop while mommy and grandma were chatting over coffee!

modeling her "new" pjs from Peyton!

I had such a fun day Wednesday on Grayden's field trip to the Butterfly Gardens

handsome boy with the butterflies

they all tried so hard to get a butterfly to land on them!

She can't get enough of the big girl swing, she even asks for under-dogs!

Then there's this cutie who is so paranoid about getting ticks in his hair! So funny

I asked Sadler to take a picture of me and my girl in our distressed denim jeans this morning, I wasn't quite ready for it, but he had business to get back to, so we'll just say he wanted to go with the candid approach :) At least JoJo looks cute!

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