Sadler's 5th birthday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In typical Lubbers' fashion we celebrated Sadler's birthday more than just one day!
He started his birthday festivities on Monday when he was star helper at school!

He was so excited to finally have a turn to pass out birthday treats! He gave out a pack of gum, fruit snacks and Cars temporary tattoos, all of which are things we don't have very often, so it was a treat for him too!

After dinner we celebrated by walking to the ice cream shop with Grandma and Grandpa R. It was such a perfect night for it!

Tuesday we took Sadler out for his special birthday breakfast, just the three of us. 

Then we made in impromptu trip to Crazy Bounce so he could bounce with his cousins! Lucky boy!

After an hour of bouncing we met up for lunch at McD's

In the afternoon he had his Kindergarten screening, what perfect timing for our new 5 year old!

We made breakfast for dinner, pancakes, (yup, twice in one day! You only turn 5 once!), bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches. We put candles on a Nutella sandwich for him to blow out ;)

And to wrap up his special day he and Jovie spent some time at Grandpa and Grandma R's house while we had "math night" at Grayden's school!

He had such a fun day, we're looking forward to celebrating him (and Grayden) again at his birthday party next weekend!

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Angela said...

It sounds like he had a great day!