Friday Photo Dump

Friday, April 29, 2016

Grandpa L and Gray at VIP day at school! 

A couple weekends ago we tackled a long overdue project to clean up the play structure. Robb power washed and stained the wood, it looks so fresh again!

And while the guys worked.... the girls played! :)
I had a fun girls day being pampered with blowouts, shopping and dinner with 7 of my dear friends!

all ready to shop!

It was such a treat to actually be able to try clothes on! I usually take the kids along shopping with me and just buy without trying on, and return it later if I don't like it, plus I had 7 friends along to give me input, so fun!

I was hoping these new kicks would distract me from a brutal workout, but no such luck! 
If you're looking for some free workouts I can't recommend enough, I love it! They're not all brutal, you can find over 500 free full length workouts there, there's something for everyone. 
(and no, they aren't sponsoring this post, nor do they know I exist, I just really like it!

cuties at lunch on Sadler's birthday!

Jovie helping Grandma L and the other ladies crochet mats for Mozambique at church while I helped in Sadler's class!

being a diva in the dollar store!

Robb and I wrapped up the Prisonbreak series on Netflix last week, we loved it!

yup, another shoe pic :)
a pop of color on my feet always brightens my day!

Robb and I went out for lunch and had a couples massage for our April date last Saturday. 

Helping Grandpa R on the tractor while we were on our date.

It was a little too noisy for Jovie, watching daddy cut up wood for a fire. 

first bon-fire of the year!

beauty girl playing at the park on a beautiful day!

only the most unusual way to walk to the bus stop for me and my crew :)

selfie with Sadler!

We moved her to a toddler bed, still some kinks to work out (like not getting out and coming in our bed 10 times a night) but she goes to sleep way better than she did in her crib! 

My sister went for a new look, her "sangria" hair turned out so cute!

I walked into the salon one day to see JoJo trying to put pony tails in her dolls hair. Precious love!

Math night at school!

Gray had a 2-hour delay on Wednesday, after dropping Sadler off we walked to the donut shop and library. He told me all about Minecraft, and how he sits by a boy on the bus who's always sad because nobody wants to sit by him. My heart melted right there on the sidewalk. So proud. 

We played by the Roelofs' yesterday morning, this was Sadler's idea of picking up...just stacking it all in a pile ON the toy boxes! Oh Sadler!

When we got home it was time to clean up OUR toy room, it's always a disaster, and with the boys' birthday party tomorrow night I thought it would be a good time to get it straightened out before adding in more toys.

We had our last M.Life meeting for the year this morning, I'm gonna miss these girls!

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