Gulf Shores {Days 3 and 4}

Monday, April 4, 2016

Saturday morning the kids were awake at 5:30am asking to go to the pool. 
morning snuggles with daddy!

We held them off until 8:15, and then compromised with a walk to the beach, it was still quite chilly, so we didn't last long. 
Daddy and JoJo walking to the beach, our condo unit in the background

my favorite beach buddy

About 30 minutes later we headed back to the condo and gave the kids a bath to give them their water fix, had lunch, and by then it had warmed up enough to go swim in the pool 

After spending the afternoon swimming we went back inside to get cleaned up for dinner. 
Jovie fell asleep on the bar stool while we were waiting to head out! Robb quick snapped this picture and a quick video before she about fell over! Sleepy love :)

We went to Lambert's Cafe for dinner, which was not only delicious but a fun experience too!

having fun playing on the wooden train cars while we waited for a table

Grayden with his thrown roll!

Sunday I woke up with the kids, bright and early again, and made them breakfast while we let daddy sleep in.

And then we were ready for another fun day in the sun 

always doing what mommy is doing!

Finally they had a chance to use their boogie boards I found at Goodwill this winter for $3 a piece

Sadler is such a water rat, he loves the ocean waves especially!

Once the sun set we went back out to the beach, with our flashlights and shovels to hunt for crabs, the kids loved it!

if you look closely you can see the 3 sand crabs we spotted!

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