Gulf Shores {Day 5}

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monday morning we went out for breakfast at Tacky Jack's in Orange Beach.

A nice man introduced us to "George" a cracker loving duck, the kids had fun feeling him saltines!

Then we headed to the Gulf Shores Zoo for the morning, it was such a nice zoo!

Jovie was not a fan of the goat looking at her! :)


we found a Cockatoo named JoJo :)

Sadler was a big fan of the tigers (who were sleeping under that wooden structure) because they share his same birthday, April 19!
After the zoo we went to a couple stores/shops and then back to the condo for lunch and more fun in the sun

We ate dinner at the condo and laid low for the night.
Jovie didn't get a nap that day, hence why she's fast asleep on the floor! :)

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One Response to “ Gulf Shores {Day 5} ”

Amy O said...

it's not a duck :) it's a canadian goose!