{A Day in the Life of The Lubbers} 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

It's that time of the year again! The day we document a day in our life, as a way to remember our sweet Brenham on his due date.
 I often wonder how our lives would differ if he were here, but given the broken world we live in, especially in the days of late, I'm just even more comforted that he's in Heaven, where there is only love, rejoicing and happiness.

Robb had the morning off of work so instead of him being out the door at 6:45 he got some extra sleep. 
Our day started off at 7:00 when Sadler came in our room, followed by Jovie. They watch cartoons in our bed.

 I roll out of bed at 7:30 to get Jovie apple slices she was requesting.

 I start my coffee that Robb made me the night before, and sit down for some quit time studying the book of Philipians with IF: Equip

*yup, the clock needs a new battery!*

Gray wakes up at 7:45, 

We get the kids all set up with breakfast while they watch tv in our bed (bad habit, I know)

I get myself ready while the kiddos watch tv.

There is a lot of arguing going on, so Robb take the kids downstairs to play Legos. 
He also tidies up the downstairs and vacuums. What a guy!

Around 8:30 I make some breakfast for Robb and I, turkey sausage with some spinach and tomatoes.
We get the kids dressed, I make a berry smoothie for a morning snack for everyone, and we are out the door at 9:45 for well child appointments for the boys.

The boys checked out great, Grayden is 49" ( 71%ile) and 49 lbs  (37%ile) 
Sadler is 40" (8%ile) and 38 lbs (26%ile)
Sadler had a wart treated on his knee, which was why Robb was along for restraints, it was traumatic. :( 
Poor boy. 

We treated the kids to donuts after their appointments

We head back for home at 11:30, Jovie falls asleep on the way home, so I transfer her to bed, Robb heads into work, and I make lunch. Mac and cheese for the boys; turkey, carrots with hummus, and blueberries for me.

After lunch we go outside to play.

Jovie wakes up at 2:00, I get her some mac and cheese

We load up and head to the hardware store to get our grill propane tank refilled for dinner on the grill later. 

We get home, change into our suits and head to my inlaws pool around 3:00

We get home around 4:30 and I start prepping dinner 

while the kids watch a show on Netflix 

Robb finally gets home at 5:55, (yes I was watching the clock) and starts the grill for our Zucchini boats. 

After dinner my parents head over,  my dad and Robb work on moving some dirt, I visit with my mom and watch the kids play on their bikes, and in the dirt!

At 8:00 while they wrap things up I take Sadler to Meijer to pick out a toy for being so brave at his appointment...spoiled? maybe...but I've had warts frozen myself, and know how painful it is. I feel so bad he has to deal with them :(

While we are picking out a new Rescue Bots toy, Robb puts Gray and Jovie to bed, or to chair in Jovie's case :)

Sadler and I get home at 9:00 
I get this little 'likes wearing his clothes to bed' cutie tucked into bed, transfer Jovie to her bed and give goodnight kisses. 

and I head downstairs for a short 15 minute HIIT workout with my BFF's Daniel and Kelly (fitness blender.com)

Robb and I head to bed to watch an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix and we call it a night at 10:30

That's a wrap!

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4 Responses to “ {A Day in the Life of The Lubbers} 2016 ”

Ashley B. said...

Love these yearly posts!

I think it's perfectly fine that you took Sadler to pick out a treat. Everyone always seems to have an opinion on everything these days (I just gave you mine...lol) but really, even my parents did it! I remember being young and hating that I needed to get glasses and I really didn't care for the ones my mom wanting me to get. I got a Happy Meal (a really big deal because we never ate there!!!) and my mom was happy. It's all balance!

Jessica R said...

Love reading these! Looks like a fun day!!

What is the color of your bedroom? I love it. We need to paint ours and I'm trying to get some ideas. Thanks!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

It's Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore
Robb and I always say it's our favorite color in the house.

Jessica R said...

Awesome! Thank you :)