Friday Photo Dump

Friday, July 22, 2016

pool party at Sadler's preschool buddy Bo's house!

snack time with cousins!

selfie with this cutie pie who always wants her hair done in mommy's salon!

We drove right passed the International office in GR where Robb works on Wednesdays on our way to gymnastics so we thought we'd quick stop in to say hi!

little monkeys at gymnastics!

listening to rules before open gym time, I couldn't resist this photo op!

Jovie and Zuree just hanging around!

Chinese food at the mall, Grayden's favorite!

breaking ground on the new building

love lazy summer mornings!

sleepy sweeties

dozer ride with Grandpa who was helping put in the temporary second driveway for the new construction.

Sadler having a great time at his friend Kipton's house

Gray having a turn driving the golf cart at the Leegwaters!

chatting on her phone thru Meijer!

little fish at the Jipping's pool!

I got my first order of Zaycon chicken last month!

 My parents joined us one night and we took the kids to an interactive exhibit put on by Compassion International. It was such a memorable experience to see how people live in third world countries. 

getting them set up with their headphones

Sadler loved being able to operate his own device

Gray and Gramps

family dinner at Black Sheep Baa and Grill, so yum!

Saturday fun with dad at work

muddy little kiddos!

The boys went to Nature Camp last week! So up their alley! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the birthday gift!

 Gray posing next to a fish tank

we were so surprised to see 2 of Sadler's friends from preschool at camp too, so fun!

Cave Quest VBS, what a fun week they had!

We took Kipton home with us for the afternoon on the last day of Nature camp, these 2 have so much fun together!

Spending a Sabbath afternoon reading and relaxing, what a gift!

baby side planks! So adorable!

picnic lunch with friends at Timber Town on a perfect park day!

my little blueberry pickers!

We had a fun couple of days at the cottage with my friend Corinn and her kiddos. So glad they were able to come down from Traverse City to spend a few days with us!

All 7 kiddos!

We had a fun day at the beach with the Meiste's, the storm brought the fun to an abrupt end, but it was so pretty to watch it roll in!

Perfect background for a selfie, it looked like we're on a tropical island!

It never gets old seeing deer in our back yard, this little fawn and it's momma were up close and personal! t

The boys are loving the extra sand to play in, it sure makes a mess of their clothes, and they drag  pounds of sand every time they come inside, but we are embracing it while it lasts!

watch out Robb, Sadler might steal your job one day!

Kiddos unloading the groceries from the mini carts at Trader Joe's, I could get used to this!

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5 Responses to “ Friday Photo Dump ”

travisvk said...

Looks like you're having a fantastic summer! What are your must buys at Trader Joes? I keep meaning to stop there and see what the hype is all about. Building a barn? So fun!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I'm far from a regular TJ shopper, but it's fun to stop in when I'm in the area! I really like the orange chicken, chicken fried rice, frozen mac and cheese. Their mango salsa is amazing! I also like their frozen fruit for smoothies!

And yes, building a barn, everyone is having lots of fun with it!

elmaelsiena said...

Looks like you are busy and having fun!! The days go by so fast!!

Ashley B. said...

Did they enjoy VBS? Ours starts next week and the theme sounds really cute! I hope my kiddos enjoy it as much as I did when I was little. :)

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Oh yes, so much! Sadler was just SO excited for it every night, which isn't normally his personality, so that was fun to see! And Gray loves everything social!