"Fourth of July" Weekend in this Land That I Love!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I love summertime, and when you throw in a holiday weekend it just doesn't get much better!

Saturday morning we went to the pancake breakfast at Graafscap Fire Station 

We spent lots of time at the cottage

little knee-boarding buddy!

momma's turn

Grandma and Grandpa had a full lap during a meeting at church Sunday morning :)

A quick pic of these patriotic cuties before heading to see "Finding Dori"

We watched some of the fireworks from the comfort of our van, parked on the side of the road; we had 2 kiddos that fell asleep on the way back from the movie, and one who was less than thrilled with the idea of loud, "scary fireworks" so we made due. After a few minutes Gray woke up and said he "wanted to go home to bed, it's more comfy that his car seat". So we called it a night. 

What a great weekend!
Happy Birthday AMERICA!

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