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Monday, July 25, 2016

Some of you long time readers may remember way back when, when I used to post regularly about fashion, and style. I don't look back and read old posts often, but when I do come across those I'm pretty sure I blush a little!  I do love to see how my style has changed, I can only image how fun it will be years and years from now! And even more so, I love that it's forever documented to embarrass my kiddos someday! (kidding, mommy loves you! ;) 
So when a reader requested I do another style post I enlisted the help of my boys to take my pictures and show just some basic outfits over the course of a week. 
They are nothing special, I don't spend a lot of money on the latest fashion trends, most pieces are years and years old, and I dress for comfort and practicality, but maybe it will provide a little inspiration if you're wanting any.  

June 30: 
This was our first day back from a camping trip, the boys had playdates and we went to the library. 
My friend Corinn got me this tee recently from Fish Food Tees, it's the title my favorite hymn, so comfy and soft, love it so much! 
Black shorts are a staple of mine, as are black jeans, leggings and capri's. 
Earrings are new from Noonday Collection; Sharma Earrings
I wore just basic black flip flops with this. 

July 1:
The only reason I got dressed this day was to workout

I get 90% of my athletic wear from TJ Maxx (I love their selection and prices) including the shoes, which are UA Speedforms  

July 2:
We went to a pancake breakfast and car show. 
My top is LuLa Roe Classic Tee, I fell so hard for the scissors print I was tempted to buy it in a XXL, but I resisted, and was lucky enough to find it in my size a few months later, and bonus being the patriotic colors, a cute way to be festive without "USA" and a huge flag across the chest. ;)
dark wash skinny jeans and neural wedge sandals.

July 3:
We went to church, and I love getting dressed up on Sundays. 

I wore a cream ruffle blouse from Maurices with a LuLaRoe Lucy skirt (no, this post is not sponsored my LLR, but I do really like their fun prints and styles!)
Flats are from Walmart this Spring. 

July 4:
Went to see a movie 
I found this top from Maurices a few years ago for our family pictures, it has subtle white pinstripe and corset ties in the back. 
Dark skinny jeans and red wedges for a patriotic pop of color!

July 5 
We ventured to the mall that day for some swim suit returns I had ordered online, and Chinese food!

These cuties wanted to join momma!
My top is from a local boutique and my go to linen drawstring pants are so light weight and comfy on summer days when I didn't shave my legs, ha!

 July 6
We met friends at open-gym gymnastics 
You can't go wrong with a basic long tunic top and black leggings, it's so comfy yet I still feel put together and stylish. 
Necklace is from Noonday Collection:  Nakato Necklace (not sponsored by them either, but I do LOVE their mission and products!)  

July 7
Kids had appointments at the Pediatrician 
My top is Matilda Jane I found for $5 at a garage sale!
Denim cuffed shorts and espadrille flats 

Thanks for reading, happy styling! 

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5 Responses to “ {Everyday Outfits} ”

Ashley B. said...

Love these posts! Really cute outfits!

sherri said...

YAY!!!! I requested this! So happy to see some cute outfits! I think lularoe is cute and comfy also.

Deb said...

You might feel silly but I think it's great!! Mommas like us gotta help each other out sometimes so thanks!! I always forget about TJ Maxx, love your tunic/legging outfit and definitely want to get that necklace and need to add neutral wedges to my shopping list!! Thanks for the post, always enjoyable!!

Mackenzie said...

Love the outfits!! Where do you get your long tunic tops?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I get my tunics from a variety of places, but I'd say I have the best luck at TJ Maxx and Jane.com!