Camping Trip to Hungry Horse {June 22-29}

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We had a great week camping at Hungry Horse last week with the Nyhofs, Meistes, Kleins and Leegwaters. I think this is the 7th year doing this camping trip together (we took a couple years off when we were building our house and when Sadler was little), such a fun group!

play hard, sleep hard :)

Sadler spent countless hours in the gaga ball pit

on Saturday we took a quick camping hiatus and went to the Overisel Community Picnic where Gray sang a silly song for the talent show!
So proud of him!

chili cheese fries over the fire!

I won't admit how many swings it took me to split that log, but I persevered, and finally cut that stubborn thing!

he told me "mom! you better keep an eye on me when I do this!"

all 15 kiddos ages 10-2!

And for my memory preserving, which I likely wont forget, but just in night after putting the littles to sleep, one of them (we later found out was Sadler) locked the camper door and then fell asleep, while Robb and I were out at the campfire! Opps!

Robb was able to crack open a window and I reached my hand in to pull Grayden out of bed and ask him to unlock it, he was not happy, but eventually he got up and tried to open the door while Robb and I are trying to calmly yell directions to him through the window!
He was very perturbed and unsuccessful after one attempt, and went back to sleep!
Robb finally broke in through an outside cubby door that went up through the bottom of Jovie's bed, she didn't miss a beat of sleep, but must have gotten shook up a little! Ha!

We all got a good laugh but I was starting to panic a little!

We will now be making a second set of keys and storing them OUTSIDE the camper!
Live and learn!

Can't wait next year!

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