My meds.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is in response to question #1 left by anonymous: "I would love to hear about how the body handles a kidney transplant. Are you on medication from now on and how does the medication make you feel. I guess I'm just curious if you will feel totally better. (I'm hoping that you will.)"
I thought it was a pretty important part of this process so it deserved its own post.

My body naturally sees my new kidney as a foreign object and is constantly trying to attack it. To prevent this from happening I right away received very high doses of anti-rejection meds while i was still on the operating table. Right now I am on 3 different types of anti-rejection pills that kill off your immune system so its not as likly to attack it. I take those twice a day along with some other anti-viral, anti-bacterial, acid reducers, etc. I currently take 24 pills a day, but that has been and will be constantly adjusted as time goes on. Surprisingly, this is a lot less than i was taking while on dialysis.

my weekly pill organizer

a 30 day supply

During the first week after transplant all those meds did a number on my body, they made me so sick i ended up losing an average of 3 lbs a day for a week... 21 lbs. I totally would have been safe for elimination that week on "the biggest loser"!
But since that week, i have been feeling great, no side effects to date. Praise God. I've always had a pretty good appetite but nothing compared to what it is now, so needless to say the weight has been coming back, only 11 more pounds to gain back.

I will be on anti-rejection pills for the rest of the life of the kidney but slowly tapered off to a lower dose.
I feel great, like a new woman! Thanks for the questions, I'm working on the rest of them. If anyone has anymore you can still post them in the comments section of that post, i will keep checking it.

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3 Responses to “ My meds. ”

Val said...

wow, I had no idea it was that many meds!! Are any of them like horse pills? I would be working on getting them down all day if they are!!!

Katie said...

haha, they are not too bad,actually most of them are really small. you can kinda see pictures of them on the picture of my weekly organizer. I get them all down in 2 swallows, i NEVER would have been able to do that a year ago. lots of practice i guess! lol.

Jacki said...

Thanks for sharing!! I am glad you are feeling great!! Love lots - Jacki