Show and Tell vol.1

Friday, November 21, 2008

We have been so graciously blessed by so many of you over the last few months since Brenhams passing in many ways. Many of you have used your creativity and talents to bless us with remembrances of him and I just wanted to start a little 'show and tell' series over the next few days to show them off.

This is a life size doll of brenham made by sandy e.

(he looks so tiny in his crib)

Sandy E. started her own business awhile back where she would make dolls for parents of preemie babies and has since passed the business on to someone else but she so generously offered to dig out all of her supplies to make us a doll of brenham. she used his exact measurements and weight to create this awesome reminder for us. the first time i saw it and held him, it brought back so many feelings and memories of when we were holding brenham in our arms so many months ago. I love to show it to people who never got the chance to hold or meet brenham so they can see just how tiny he was. And whenever my arms ache to hold him again i go and grab him out of his crib and hold him for awhile. Thanks again sandy for this beautiful gift. You've got so much talent!

Brenham is one loved little boy!

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9 Responses to “ Show and Tell vol.1 ”

Val said...

Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing!!

aLLieBooBeRZ said...

oh wow that is amazing!!

Sandy E. said...

awww, you're welcome, katie! I'm so glad you like the doll. brenham is so much cuter, though... I can never make dolls as cute as the real thing. :)

PatQ said...

I just found your blog and my daughter lost a baby boy at 25 wks last year. It was one of the saddest days of our lives. But if you look at my blog you'll see that she gave birth this year to a healthy baby boy on Aug 25th. It's something you'll never get over and I had a hard time with this one when someone would ask me if it was my first grandchild because he's not. My first grandchild is watching over his baby brother from heaven.

Sara said...

Oh, how precious. I would have loved one when I lost Samuel last year. That is very neat.
I hope you are doing well.

folkerts said...

That was so sweet to show your doll of Brenham to everyone. I'm so glad it gives you comfort when you need it. I know it was an honor for Sandy to make that for you. She's just that kind of person. And she knows first hand how it is to lose precious children. Very special gifts God gives to people, so that they may bless others with them.
Love and prayers,

Tami @ September's Bride said...

That is lovely

Erica said...

This is so perfect! What a wonderful gift.

TheVondrumFamily said...

Hi Katie, I have been reading your blog for a few months, as I was preparing for the arrival of my son who was born 9/24, and this post caught my attention. My sister is 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant and found out last Thursday that her baby has polycystic kidney disease on both kidneys and there is no amniotic fluid. As long as her baby is in the womb it is alive but won't live more than a few hours once it's born. I was wondering if you could post the name of the person or company that made Brenham's doll so that I could order one for my sister to help her through her greiving process. I have forwarded your blog to her so that she may find hope in knowing that she is not the only one who is greiving the premature loss of a baby. Thank you,