Show and Tell vol.2

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is the cutest photo book ever. Selena contacted me awhile back after she stumbled across my blog and thought she recognized robb and i, turns out she designed our wedding photo book a few years back! and she offered to make one of brenham's photos, it is cute as can be and love, love, love it!!
She is working on a website to advertise her up and coming organization in which she will be making more books like these for other parents of lost babies. I will be sure to pass that along as it comes!
Thanks Selena!

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4 Responses to “ Show and Tell vol.2 ”

Christie, Jeff and Kennedy said...

Katie, would you be willing to send me her contact info? A co-worker of mine just lost her baby to hydroencephaly, and I'd love to pass the info on.

MrsGo4hockeychick from the nest

Jennyc said...

Wow that is a neat idea. What a beautiful book.

Verna said...

Fantastic, you will treasure it forever. What a great idea

Patrice said...

Great book!

No worries about the plate, do not stress yourself out and surprise me and send me any plate...I love surprises!!