Round 2?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Should we do another questions and answers post? Thanks everyone for your questions, i will answer them but just wanted to get 'em all covered at once so if anyone has any leave 'em in the comments section and i will answer them shortly! I had a lot of fun last time!
They can be about (mostly) anything!

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16 Responses to “ Round 2? ”

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't too nosy, but I would love to hear about how the body handles a kidney transplant. Are you on medication from now on and how does the medication make you feel. I guess I'm just curious if you will feel totally better. (I'm hoping that you will.)

LJFredricks said...

Katie, I was actually coming to get your e-mail address to ask you a couple of questions!! I was wondering if you were bored and that led to #1.
1. I noticed that you are crafty and am working on some projects for christmas. I will probably be at fields fabric and hobby lobby on friday. Can I pick up anything for you? I am going to try to make some crayon keepers and cute bags to match for my niece and daughter. (Wish me luck)
2. Are you on any diet restrictions? Would you prefer breakfast foods or dinner foods?
3. If a child at my home is starting to develope a cough is it still safe to drop off food? If I use every sanitary caution?

Anonymous said...

At this point post transplant what are you able to do? Are you able to go out alot? Or do you just need to stay in and rest at all times? Little bit of both?

How is your sister doing?

We are praying hard for you still!

Nancy said...

Hi, Katie! I think I've posted once or twice, and I am so glad that you are doing well! :) I have read your entire blog and fell in love with Brenham! I'm a sucker for cute boys (I have four!).

My question is, are you or will you be able to work again? Or are you more restricted post transplant about who you are around and where you can be?

Nancy :)

Anonymous said...

when will you be able to try for another baby?

sarasusen said...

I found your blog off another friends blog. Where do you live? I am in Maine! My sister is a hairstylist :-) I've read most of your blog but I'm wondering how long after Brenham was born that you discovered you needed a kidney transplant? I can't imagine how hard this past year has been for you. I just kept saying "wow... oh my..." the whole time reading your blog. And you DON'T complain nad keep a sense of humor. I noticed your playlist- good stuff! And one last question, if you want to answer it, can you still carry a baby after a kindey transplant? Do you have to wait a while? I'm not trying to ask you IF you're going to have another baby, just wondering if that's still even an option for you. but like I said, you don't have to answer that one.
I have been married to my Joshua for 9 and 1/2 years and we have 4 children- 2 boys & 2 girls. I stay at home and home school them, and he works for a large bank here in Maine in the IT department. And I have a crazy passion for photography ;-) We have a good life with a great church and fantastic family & friends and are very blessed. I hope to get to know you more and hear more of your story!

in.luv.with.m said...

Hi Katie, My questions is: do you have any specific prayer requests other than the general "to feel better"?

Anonymous said...


Your new kidney is work GREAT (oh the joy of that) but what happen to yours. Did they take your out to make room for the new one or do they stay there and just die and go away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, I've been paying for you and Robb. It is a blessing that both of you love God so much and he is our rock. Our one true constant.
My question is for you and Robb. Over this past 8 months what is your most favorite moment? Ricci Mullen

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and just wanted to comment on how wonderful of a person you are. You have a lot of love in your heart, you are a beautiful woman of God~

Stay strong!

Meegs said...

I'm sorry if this is too noisy, but I'm wondering what you are thinking about kids. Have you and Robb even had a chance to think about that yet with everything else going on? Would you ever consider having a baby through a surrogate? If you can't have your own children, do you think you would adopt?

I just want to say that your strength and faith are amazing through such trying times. I hope that you will continue to get better, and that your trials are over.

Patrice said...

Hey Katie!

I am so tip toeing around this question....I know that you said that the doctors said you would not be able to carry a baby (I think) because of the transplant, is that still the same?

What happened to the bad kidney? Does someone have it a jar like on Grey's Anatomy?

What about your sister and future children, does that affect her?

Are you a coffee drinker?

This is going to be the first Holidays coming up without Brenham, how can I pray for you to make this time easier for yourself and Robb?

Who kept you puppy dog for you while you were away and was he happy to see you when you got home?

I know, tons of questions, I will stop and give you a break!!


Krista said...

My twin daughters were due this coming Monday. This is a very hard time for me and I know you understand that. Is there a special way that you honored Brenham on your due date? Do you have any suggestions on how to get through this difficult day?


Anonymous said...

How did you choose Brenham's name? Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

in your post "my meds" you said that you will be taking meds for the rest of the life of the kidney? does that mean that people usually need more than one transplant? like a new knee only lasts 10 years....that sort of thing?

also i was wondering if you still have your old kidneys or if they took those out. if you still have them are they working at all or are they totally useless?

Anonymous said...

i just read your you can ignore my questions in the previous mostly already answered them :)