Happy 3rd Birthday Grayden!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gray, 3 years ago our dreams came true when you were born!
grayden 027
We anxiously awaited the phone call from our case worker saying you were here!
We couldn’t wait to meet you and start our lives with you it, and everyday since then has been a gift to us! 
You have brought us so much joy, laughter, love and happiness, we can’t imagine life without you!

Here’s some things we want to remember about you being 3:

you love:
*your rain boots
*your pillows
*back scratches
*your brother
*your mom and dad
*your grandmas and grandpas
*your aunts and uncles
*trucks and anything that has an engine
*Little Einstein's and Go, Diego, Go
*playing outside
*taking showers
*singing and music

you’ve been potty trained for about 6 months, but still sleep in diapers!
you have been paci free at bed time for a couple months now! yah buddy!
you still nap most days, but not as long as you used to when you had pacis!
you are growing everyday, we love to watch you learn and try new things!
you are smart boy and amaze us with your intelligence!

God has great things planned for you, Gray, we can’t wait to see His plans unfold!
We love you and are so thankful to have in our lives! Happy Birthday!

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One Response to “ Happy 3rd Birthday Grayden! ”

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday Grayden, from Nessa and Beth :)