{Summer List} Update

Friday, May 18, 2012

We knocked off a couple items from our Summer List this week!

On Tuesday I took the boys to Fillmore Park, technically named Cottonwood Park. We picked up MCD’s for lunch and brought it to the park for lunch. To our surprise my sister Lisa, and one of her day care kids Olivia, drove in right as we sat down to eat! What a nice surprise!





The kids enjoyed playing together for awhile until Olivia had to get to school, then Gray made new friends with another family there and they played for awhile longer!




that was our first time playing there, so glad we checked it out!


Thursday morning I met my friend Trisha and her daughter at Lawrence St. Park. We met through our adoption agency so I always enjoy our adoption conversations!





after we played for a bit we headed across the street for lunch at the cafe!

The boys were exhausted from so much playing, Sadler was out!!


We had a great time! I love making these fun memories with the boys!

*pick berries

*feed ducks

*Fillmore park

*outdoor discovery center

*kollen’s park

*timber town

*Lawrence st. park

*farmer’s market/ market kid’s activities

*whitecaps game

*downtown fountain


*coast guard festival (July 27-August 5)

*hot air balloon show (June 30, July 1)

*truck parade (labor day)

*memorial day parade

*have picnic


*water bed (Pinterest)

*run through sprinklers

*fly kite

*sidewalk chalk

*go garage sale-ing


*Meijer gardens

*library programs

*lemonade stand

*downtown street performers (thursday nights)

*play tennis

*go to cottage

*swimming lessons

*pool time

*bike ride

*mini golf

*soccer camp fro Gray

*water table

*little pool

*sand box/swing set


*hike trails

*trip to sandy pines

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