Thursday, May 31, 2012

we headed home with sadler around 7:00 last night, we were so thankful to be able to take him home so soon after surgery! Such a nice surprise since we had been told a few different times that we would be there over night!

Just a little “laymen’s terms” description of what happened: *correct me if i’m wrong medical peeps, because i very well could be!*

when baby boys are developing in the womb, their testicles are forming up in the belly area, after birth they travel down leaving a hole where they pass through, most of the time this opening closes up, but Sadler’s apparently did not. Some time in the past few days his intestines dropped into that opening causing a hernia and pinching off his bowels, making him very sick. The surgeon closed off the opening so he shouldn’t have any further issues with it. He also clipped his frenulum to free his tongue.

The worst part for him was by far getting the IV in, it took 3 tries and I know from experience how painful that can be when they have to dig around for a vein. Poor buddy was not impressed, his heart rate was in the 200’s during that! I felt bad for the nurse too, she and every other female that caught a glimpse of him went on and on about how cute he is! He is adorable for sure! Especially with those big, sad eyes!

It was so nice to be home!

This is him 4 hours after surgery! SO crazy! Ignore the blurry video and all the junk on our table :)


and this is the first time he ate anything (and kept it down) in over 24 hours, with his new free tongue too! such a ham!!


today he`is very sleepy, I'm making sure to keep up on his pain meds or else he gets kinda irritable.


all things considered he is doing great! We are so thankful he is better and it wasn’t anything more serious. Let’s just say when I first felt that lump my first thoughts were not “hernia”, things could have gone very differently and once again I’m so grateful that things went as well as they did.
It was a whirl wind of a day, thanks again for your comments and prayers!

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6 Responses to “ recovery ”

lparsons15 said...

What a spunky little guy! SO glad things turned out the way they did and he is ok...I have been thinking of you guys non stop!

Elma said...

So glad for you all that everything went smoothly!! He is so cute and looks like he had nothing wrong with him!! What alittle blessing!!!

Lori said...

Ok he is so darn cute!!! Praise God it wasn't something worse and that the surgery is over!!!!!!

Nessa said...

He is such a wee trooper. Glad he is on the mend :)

Rachel C said...

Wow - just getting caught up on your blog. You've been busy! So glad your little guy is doing well. That video of him eating is hilarious!

Diedre said...

So glad that your sweet baby boy is ok. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.