{insta} friday previously known as ‘iphoto dump day’

Friday, May 18, 2012

linking up with life rearranged
friday night;
downtown fun at tulip time
kidney testing at Holland hospital (insurance wouldn’t cover my Mayo trip this year so we stayed local instead)
rocking the hospital gown!
daily occurrence; can’t seem to keep the lids closed around here! ick
fun at the park
little cutie trying to stick out his tongue but he’s tongue tied! just adorable!
another day at another park
all tuckered out
backyard t-ball
family night at the beach

thankful for another great week! so blessed!
have a great weekend bloggy readers!
much love,
life rearranged

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6 Responses to “ {insta} friday previously known as ‘iphoto dump day’ ”

Anonymous said...

We have TWO tongue-tied little boys - 5 months and almost 4 yrs and are meeting w/an ENT to discuss options for further management. Are you planning on doing anything about Sadler's (if you don't mind me asking) or taking a "wait and see" approach? Thanks so much - love your blog. Have a fun summer!

Amy in Madison, WI

Kate said...

At this point we're going to wait and see! It hasn't caused any eating troubles so we'll see what happens with his speech...I'd love to stay posted on what you decide with your boys! Good luck at the ent

Anonymous said...

What would be the benefit of the "wait and see" approach compared to having the ENT quick clip it at the infant age? I'm not being negative at all, just curious? My son who is now 3 was tongue-tied and after birth we had it clipped at the ENT and it was so quick and simple! And we now don't have to think or worry about it.

Kate said...

we didnt notice it until sadler was about 3 months old, never thought to look for it and for whatever reason the doctor never said anything about it. so we took him to the ent then and said sadler had too much strength already so he didn't feel comfortable doing it without anesthesia and we didnt feel comfortable with that...so we're waiting and seeing

Anonymous said...

Amy from Madison again (:

Feeding was never an issue for our boys either and it was totally missed by the pedi. Our dentist caught our 3 yr olds at his first visit, and now we're realizing his "cute" articulation errors (with L and TH) won't be outgrown ): And, he has to dig food out of the sides and roof of his mouth, poor guy. So, I"m thinking we'll pursue the surgery & general anesthesia for him this summer AND our 5 mo old at some point. Wish it had been caught at birth for both of them - much simpler!

Kate said...

i think we'll also end up having his clipped as well at some point, we think about the the food getting stuck and the (eventual)kissing issues ;) as well, just not sure when!
at this point its not an issue so i think it makes sense to wait but we'll see! also we're waiting to see if he would need tubes in his ears or anything that we could just have it done at the same time...
that makes sense to have your boys done at the same time, be sure to let me know how it goes so i know what to expect if/when we do it!