{day 3} commenting challenge

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

today's topic is about my social media and other favorite websites.

I check pinterest everyday! so in love with that site! I have a whole post coming up about things I’ve tried ;) you can follow my pins by clicking here.

I’m also more addicted to facebook than I’d like to admit, its my personal page and I doubt I’ll ever make a blog page on facebook b/c I would just end up repeating myself a lot :) so no link on that one.

I’m a recent Instagram-er! {katiejo1122} I check that multiple times a day whenever I post!


No twitter, anymore, and no Google +, don’t even know what that is :)

Google reader and my email are my other two must read websites! I used to be on Bethany Christian Services a couple times a week checking in on waiting families but I don’t do that quite as often anymore.

I love shopping online at target, Amazon, zulily, old navy and ‘window’ shopping anthro’s site. I love etsy and allrecipes.com too! I recently came across picmonkey and use that to edit pics when I have time. I used to edit almost every picture before I posted in on here but then I had TWO kids and now the pics are straight outta the camera expect for intstagram pics.


It’s not a lot but somehow I end up spending way too much time online…

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4 Responses to “ {day 3} commenting challenge ”

TanaLee Davis said...

Oh fun technology...

Monica said...

I am hooked on instagram, too! I find that most of my photos are taken with my phone. I actually have to make a point out of using my real camera more often.

Cute pic of your boys! Love the records on the wall.

Alycia Turner said...

I'm on pinterest, too, but haven't checked out instagram.

Google + is kind of like FB, just not as cluttered up or busy yet. My blog is actually linked in with my Google + account.

I use facebook, probably way too much, and blog about our farm, kids, beekeeping, and my baking.

I found your blog just shortly before you adopted Sadler. I've been following for just over a year, and I enjoy all of it. You have a beautiful family. :)

Kat said...

I'm an instagram and pinterest junkie!