{Summer List} Update

Friday, June 15, 2012

We’ve completed a few more things off our summer list in the past couple weeks!

Wednesday night we went to the Outdoor Discovery Center, we enjoyed walking through the trails, looking at the deer and elk and playing in the sand box!













Grayden also had swimming lessons this week!




so proud of you, Gray!!



*pick berries

*feed ducks

*Fillmore park

*outdoor discovery center

*kollen’s park

*timber town

*Lawrence st. park

*farmer’s market/ market kid’s activities

*whitecaps game

*downtown fountain


*coast guard festival (July 27-August 5)

*hot air balloon show (June 30, July 1)

*truck parade (labor day)

*memorial day parade

*have picnic


*water bed (Pinterest)

*run through sprinklers

*fly kite

*sidewalk chalk

*go garage sale-ing


*Meijer gardens

*library programs

*lemonade stand

*downtown street performers (thursday nights)

*play tennis

*go to cottage

*swimming lessons

*pool time

*bike ride

*mini golf

*soccer camp for Gray

*water table

*little pool

*sand box/swing set


*hike trails

*trip to sandy pines

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10 Responses to “ {Summer List} Update ”

Anonymous said...

where is that outdoor discovery center? that looks like fun! where the bugs bad?

Anonymous said...

So cute!! How did he do at his age with swimming lessons*? Do you feel he's better in the water than before?

Sarah Buzzell said...

The Outdoor Discovery Center looks fun! Thanks for a great idea for summer activities!

The Lucas Family said...

It was nice to meet you and your adorable boys this week! Alyssa is going to miss the boys teasing her :).

Anonymous said...

Hack again?!

Kate said...

The bugs weren't bad at all! You can find more info at outdoordiscoverycenter.org

This was gray's second year doing swimming lessons, I think its mainly getting him comfortable with the water and learning the basics at this point.

Kate said...

So nice to meet you too, vicki! Hope Alyssa wasn't too bothered by the boys ;)
Anon, I'm not sure what you mean by "hack again"??
Typo maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!
I'm a fellow W. Michigan mom and wondered where you took Gray for swim lessons?

Thanks! Love reading up on your blog!


Kate said...

Our neighbor held private lessons at their home! So convienient! The instructor was from the aquatic center and she was great!

Monica said...

That picture of Gray and Sadler walking away holding hands is so precious!