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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I've recently gotten around to displaying some pictures around the house, its always been a struggle for me to keep them updated. We get the boys’ pictures professionally taken every  6 months so our photos always seem to be outdated. It can be a bit of a hassle to change them out when you have to line them up on the nails just right so I’ve come up with a few alternative ways to display pictures that I thought I’d share with you!

This first one has been around for awhile, it was the first craft I did as a MOPS craft organizer, it was hung over Grayden’s bed in our old house and when we moved we put it up over his dresser. Just last week I made one for Sadler’s room too!
I got the wooden stars from Hobby Lobby and painted them to match the boys’ rooms.
Then I strung some twine between the two stars by stapling it to the back of the stars.
I got the little clothes pins from Hob Lob as well and used them to clip on the photos.
Such a cute and easy way to switch the picture out whenever you want to!
I have both of their 1 year smash cake sessions displayed now.

This next way is so simple too, instead of fastening the frames to the walls with nails or screws I just set the frames on the little ledge and leaned them against the wall. I know I’ll be quicker to update the photos inside the frames when I can take them down easily!
I just received my fist canvas order in the mail a couple days ago. I love it! The colors in the photo match Sadler’s room decor perfectly!
Just something a little different than the standard large print.
I do wish I ordered the canvas in a bigger size so next time I find a good canvas sale I might have to upgrade!

And lastly, an idea from my sister’s home. Behind their picture frames hung on the wall are Velcro strips so the frames stick right to the wall and come down easily too. No need to find studs in the walls, or drill in a bunch of screws! My husband LOVES that! We haven’t done this one yet but plan to use it to put up pictures of the boys on the hallway wall that leads to our master bedroom.

this post reminds me that I never shared our most recent family pictures, Grayden’s 3 year and Sadler’s 1 year…coming soon!

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3 Responses to “ displaying photos ”

CB_Wilson said...

Love the twine w/ clips idea! Also the velcro! Thanks for sharing!

Elma said...

Love the pictures!! Let us know what you think of the velcro if it really works?? I hate putting nails into the wall:)

Anonymous said...

Katie- another great idea- buy framed and put scrapbook paper in them. Take the glass out and put a clip on the top inside frame- paint the clip to match- then you cam always swap out pica and regardless of the photo size you'll have cute " matting" ( scrapbook paper)