{bUmPDATE} end of week 35!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Another huge milestone as I turned 36 weeks yesterday, we're now to the point that the baby would likely not need any NICU time if s/he were to arrive! God is good!

 A few of you have asked about our 'birth plan' and our preferences of this little one's upcoming arrival. 
The truth is, nothing about this pregnancy has been routine or normal, so we're staying open to all scenarios, and not getting our hopes set on any certain plans.  I also don't want to offend anyone by our personal 'plans' or choices, the only important thing is that we get a healthy baby at the end.

 There is little information out there on pregnancy after transplant, but from what I have learned babies born to transplant recipients are usually small due to growth restriction from where the kidney is placed (right below the uterus) and the meds we take, but that has not been the case for this babe, s/he has always measured in the 40th-75th percentile! And the average gestational age is 35 weeks, which we've just passed! Typically women with transplants have to be induced due to the growth restriction or blood pressure/pre-ecclampsia issues. About 50% are born via c-section. 

Now, like I said I'm not getting my hopes up too high, especially since things have already progressed, but what I'd like (Robb will have a different preference on this!) is to make it as close to 40 weeks as I can, as long as we are both healthy. I've just loved being pregnant and can't say I'm quite ready for it to end...although this bed rest is making it a little lot easier to come to terms of the possibility of of an earlier delivery! 
I'd also love for my labor to start naturally and avoid an induction, but I know that my doctor will use her best judgement when it comes to that, and again, the health of the baby and myself/my kidney are top priority. I just want to experience as much of pregnancy, labor and delivery as I can, and I just always pictured that moment when your water breaks and you nervously call your husband to tell him "its time" and frantically gather all your bags...so 'movie-esqe' - I know! 
Lastly, a c-section will be done only in an emergency or if the baby is in the breech position. This one is at the top of my prayer list, I've had numerous surgeries in my abdomen area and how how difficult recovery can be, even hurts to sneeze! Just not the ideal situation with a newborn and 2 busy boys but I know women who do it, and do it well! 

The chances of any, let alone all of this happening according to plan are highly unlikely, and that's ok! Broken record here but honestly, my only priority is our little miracle arriving safely. No matter which way that happens!

We know God is in control in everything and already has this all planned out, and there's no greater comfort than that! 

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9 Responses to “ {bUmPDATE} end of week 35! ”

Kerri said...

Best of luck to you and your family. I've had 2 C-sections and understand your wants, recovery is hard with rambunctious little ones. My guess is you will have a natural birth as much as you have progressed already! (Jealous...mine didn't want to leave!) I wouldn't plan on going to 40 weeks though!

Jacki said...

So excited for you guys!!!!! Praying all goes well when the time arrives!

Victoria said...

Anxiously awaiting the post to see he or she has arrived! I'm so glad that things have gone well for you during your pregnancy! You look great! Everything will happen as it is meant to be. Not much longer! :)

Elma said...

Sooo excited for you!! What a blessing as things seemed to have gone so well so far!! I had to be induced for my first six everyone of them and my last two by C-section! But like you said as long as you and the baby are healthy it doesn't matter how he or she comes into this world!!

Bec74 said...

36 weeks! Wow! That flew by! So excited for you. Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! Praying for a safe , easy and fast delivery for you'

belle said...

praying that your story unfolds in the most beautiful of ways! can't wait to see pictures of the newest member of the family. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you have made it this far. My little guy was born at 35 weeks and was fine - closely watched for a few days but he had to come early due to pre-eclampsia. Hopeful and prayerful things will work out for you and you do not need a C-Section. Like others I can't wait to know the gender. btw love the baby's room and the saying above the crib...this is one special and loved baby :)

Claudia said...

Hoping for the best for all of you! So very glad you have had this chance to grow a wee one under your heart as well as in it!
May you have a safe and happy delivery!

Beth said...

Prayers that everything goes wonderfully for you and Baby L4!!!