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Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby's crib is ready to go!

Seriously, a V and vowels!? lol! I ended up winning, regardless :)

Sadler spotted the beautiful sunrise last week and said, "Jesus! That pretty" 
made me melt! 

It pays to clean out the cupboards! wahoo!!

Family movie night at the library last Tuesday, Grayden was so excited to see Turbo again!


Sadler ripped off two of the record decorations off his wall while we thought he was sleeping! Sure is hard to stay mad at this sweet face though!

Loved this! I think I jinxed myself though, I ended up with some stomach trouble the night before Thanksgiving and ended up losing weight anyways. Not the way I wanted to do it though!

couldn't wait to lick the beater!

35 weeks brought on some killer heartburn, tums and zantac wouldn't touch it! I was pretty miserable. 

Sadler loved "helping" with the tree lights, he was busy for hours doing this!

Halls are decked, love our new tree on the main floor this year!

As you can see, Sadler loved being out in the snow, what you can't see is that daddy dressed him in 6-12 month snow pants and size 11 boots ( he wears a 7-8) I laughed so hard when I got him undressed from a day of play in the snow! A+ for trying, dad!

By Saturday afternoon, the "heartburn pain" I'd been having pretty much constantly over the last couple days became unbearable. Between that a few too many high blood pressure readings on my BP cuff at home, we decided to go in to get checked out and hopefully get something for pain relief. 
Those heartburn pains ended up being pretty frequent contractions, who knew?! So that and the high BP earned us over 24 hours in l&d being monitored and tested for pre-ecclampsia (negative). The contractions eased up on their own which was great, at this point they wouldn't do anything to stop labor if it were to start. I went home late Sunday night on bed rest. 

5 things Grayden is thankful for, LOVE!

One month from my due-date!
And I still love this picture ;)

I had an appointment with my OB tuesday afternoon, and after a cervical check showed I was 4 cm dilated with a bulging bag of water, she sent me back to the hospital for more monitoring which revealed I was contracting frequently again, every 2 mins. 
We all thought we'd be meeting Baby L that day or the next (a nurse even brought in the baby warmer/isolette, we toured the nicu, and the dr even offered me an epidural!) but by Wednesday morning the contractions had stopped again on their own and I went back home on bed rest trying to buy as much time as we can before he/she arrives. This could go on for weeks or I could go into active labor anytime. Only God knows, we've even surprised all the medical professionals!

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9 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

The Macons said...

Can't wait to see baby L!! Congrats on making it this far!

Beth said...

Praying for you in this last stretch of your pregnancy!! Can't wait to "meet" Baby L!!!

Lindsey said...

Oh my have had an exciting week!!! Can't wait to hear of baby L's arrival. Glad s/he has stayed put for a few more days!

Jacki said...

Exciting! Praying for you guys as you welcome your little one... sooner or later!

Marcie said...

I was wondering why I haven't seen you at school lately :) Praying for a healthy bundle of joy and peace for you and your fam as you anxiously await their arrival!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a crazy week! Don't think it will be very much longer by the sound of things. Good luck!

Carrie said...

I get goosebumps every time I read about your miracle baby. What a gift. Prayers as his/her arrival nears. Can't wait to hear of baby's arrival.

Joyful Momma said...

How can I follow you on instagrM?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

im katiejo1122!