{Maternity Pictures}

Monday, December 9, 2013

Maternity pictures were something I had looked forward to having done, this is such a special time in our lives and I was eager to have these as a lasting memory of this pregnancy. 

I ended up getting two maternity sessions done, the first was combined with our family photo shoot, these were taken by Kim Egedus Photography at 30 weeks. 

They're gonna be the sweetest big brothers

 And the following were taken at 32 weeks, the photographer from Bee Tree Studios offered a complimentary maternity session with the photo package we'll be doing. 

 on another note, it's been so fun to see all your baby gender guesses come in! 
I've had a few questions about what I'm hoping for, and to answer that I'm kinda hoping for a boy and a girl :) In preparation for this baby and shopping and dreaming about him or her I've fallen in love with both the idea of having a daughter, and another son. 
I LOVE boys! It's actually surprised me how much I love having boys, they are so fun and I love how they love me! I'm the queen of the castle (even the dog is a boy!) and that has it's perks! A boy would be easier, its all we know and we have everything and more that we could ever need for a boy, and if it's a girl we'll have to start 'thinking (and buying) pink' and make some adjustments...no more calling them "the boys!'
But a girl would be fun too, I'd love to do the pig tail thing and paint toes-ies. I would love to have a daughter to take wedding dress shopping, and Lord willing have a special mother/daughter bond with. Robb would be adorable with a little daughter, she'd be wrapped around his finger in a second. And the big brothers..well, they'd be just smitten with a little sister!

Ultimately, I wouldn't know what to choose even if we could! I'm thankful that God knows just what our family needs. His plan for our family has been perfect, in ways I never would have chosen for myself, and will continue to be perfect, whether we add a little boy or a little girl to our family. 

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12 Responses to “ {Maternity Pictures} ”

mommy someday said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!

Debbie said...

I have two girls and a boy. My youngest is a boy. We also chose not to know the gender when I was pregnant. I can completely relate to your thoughts on gender. I thought that having a third girl would be easy. We already had all of the "stuff" and knew what to do with another girl. I also could see us with a baby boy - sports, high energy, etc. Our son was the perfect addition to our family and I cannot imagine life without him. i'm sure that you will be equally blessed!

RELH said...


Beth said...

Perfectly said about the gender! We didn't "find out" with any of ours and it was the most wonderful suprise!!!

Victoria said...

I love the pictures! I especially love the ones you took at 32 weeks with all of the beautiful trees in the background. Gorgeous!

belle said...


Rebekah said...

Oh, Kate, these are so beautiful. What a special time for all of you! Thank you for letting us be in on the excitement!! :)

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Katie - sorry I have been mia, we have been snowed in here in the north east. These pics are AMAZING. LOVE LOVE! I will be praying for you and I know that God has you in his loving arms today. I am excited to see you new little one - boy or girl, doesn't matter much to me.

With love,
Diane :):):)

Lindsey said...

Beautiful. Love all the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your outfits?

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Where do you get your maternity clothes? They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on baby jovie!