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Friday, December 27, 2013

our week in phone pics

we took our first family of 5 outing Saturday night, not the finest of dining but it was successful, we even ran a few errands after dinner! We're not expecting it to go that well every time but we were very pleased!

Big night for the little miss! First trip to Target!

They adore her!

We've had such a pretty winter!

Love Robb's Facebook status! lol

Just loving this newborn stage! If I could snuggle her all day it still wouldn't be enough. 

Grayden coloring a giant box, kept him busy for awhile!

our littlest miracle! God is so good!

Loved spending some time in the fresh air to play outside with the boys for bit on Tuesday! 

6 components to Jovie's Christmas outfit, so new to me!

Bright eyed beauty on Christmas!

All 3 napping at once! Don't worry Jovie was totally safe, I set her there just for the picture, she doesn't sleep with the boys!

They're holding hands! LOVE!

Thursday night we had a reporter from the local paper sitting there doing an interview with Robb and I on our story. Our prayer is that God will use it for his glory and bring hope to those that are hurting. 

Jovie's first time in the swing this morning! She ended up falling right to sleep in it!

Jovie turned 2 weeks old today! She weighed in at 6lbs 7oz!

tough work being 2 weeks old :)

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3 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

mommy someday said...

Adorable pictures- looks like a great week! :-)

Jessica G. said...

That picture of the boys holding hands while sleeping has got to be one the most precious pictures I have ever seen. You have a beautiful family.

Victoria said...

LOVE the pic of the boys holding hands! Too awesome!